LVMH at One Young World Tokyo Caucus 2020: Group underlines commitment to inclusive leadership



Several leaders from LVMH based in Japan took part in the One Young World Caucus 2020 in Tokyo, Japan from October 23-25. Focused on the need to embrace all 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and connect the power of business to create a better world, the event welcomed inspiring young leaders. They discussed, pitched and challenged ways to execute ideas about the SDGs.

One Young World is the world’s largest global organization that identifies, promotes and connects the world’s most impactful new-generation leaders to find solutions to create a better world with more responsible and more effective leadership.

Each year, the One Young World Summit hosts over 2,000 young entrepreneurs from 190 plus countries and all public and private sectors to accelerate the impact of corporate social responsibility initiatives.

The One Young World Tokyo Caucus took place from October 23-25 with the participation of several talents from the LVMH Group based in Japan. Through these locally-sited leaders, LVMH underlined the importance of the SDGs for the Group during the Equality Panel session. These goals notably include inclusive leadership, resonating with LVMH’s Diversity & Inclusion strategy.

Following opening remarks by Stéphane Voyer, Senior Vice President Human Resources, LVMH Japan, centered on the importance LVMH places on promoting a robust culture of Diversity & Inclusion at every level of the organization, Givenchy CEO Christine Edman discussed three underlying equality concepts in the SDGs.

She noted that sustainable prosperity and peace come only when each individual can live in larger freedom, along with the need to go beyond “number games” in addressing the issue of equality. The panel invited speakers to share personal experiences through which they internalized the values of equality. Christine Edman also emphasized the importance of acknowledging one’s own social, political, and economic privileges and leveraging them to expand other individuals’ freedom.

“This immersion within the One Young World Tokyo Caucus and our numerous interactions with OYW Ambassadors have been a strong confirmation of my convictions that private companies would benefit from engaging young leaders with senior executives on strategic initiatives. This Caucus revealed more clearly than ever that our purpose of balancing Profit with People and Planet is the most important expectation from young talents who want to have a visible and positive impact,” said Stéphane Voyer, Senior Vice President Human Resources, LVMH Japan.

Through its participation in the One Young World Tokyo Caucus 2020, LVMH once again showed its commitment to understanding the challenges inherent to creating a more sustainable world, and to transforming them into a virtuous model for day-to-day actions, thanks in particular to engagement with new-generation leaders.

For more than 30 years, LVMH has put a lot into young generations especially through close collaborations with schools; the Group firmly believes in the ability of this new generation to drive positive change, and its participation at the One Young World Tokyo Caucus 2020 is a perfect example of its active engagement with young people to help them meet the challenges of tomorrow.