LVMH celebrates the arts in Brussels



For the fourth consecutive year, the LVMH Group is partnering the Brussels Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Belgium’s most prominent arts festival, which takes place in the EU capital from May 2-24. This partnership provides an opportunity for LVMH—which has a deep culture of entrepreneurship and creativity anchored in family heritage—to reaffirm its role as facilitator, helping strengthen links between the world of culture and European decision leaders.

The Kunstenfestivaldesarts is a resolutely urban and cosmopolitan event with a program of artistic works by Belgian and international artists. Two major events are being featured in this year’s festival. On April 29, ahead of the official opening, LVMH is organising an exclusive Art Talk with Tsai Ming-liang, inviting a small group of select guests to take part in a round table discussion with the Taiwanese filmmaker and Christophe Slagmuylder, director of the Kunstenfestival.

On Thursday, May 8, 100% Brussels gives our guests a chance to discover a novel form of “documentary theater” based on testimonials from a hundred representative residents of Brussels about their city. This show is especially relevant in the run-up to European elections, as well as impending federal and regional elections in Belgium.

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