LVMH early-career professionals answer FAQs from students around the world




As the world leader in luxury, LVMH has always made preserving exceptional skills a top priority. The Group is committed to passing on its values – excellence, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit – and its passion and savoir-faire to new generations.

To maintain close relations with students and continue to inspire them by sharing exceptional expertise, in January 2021 LVMH launched a new campaign on its social networks, inviting students to ask questions about working at the Group to help them consider fulfilling careers.

Students from around the world submitted hundreds of questions, especially in Europe, the United States and China.

And who better to answer them than LVMH’s talented early-career professionals worldwide?

To respond to students and recent graduates and give them an inside look at what it’s like to work at LVMH, the Group turned to 17 of its talents with two to five years of experience in a variety of professions at either the corporate level or at one of our Maisons. This diverse panel includes people working in marketing, human resources, operations, IT, design, retail and other areas.

One of the most frequently asked questions was “Why is LVMH a good place to start my career?” Watch the video to discover the answers and first-person insights shared by Marie, Scott, Valérie-Anne, Youri and Francesca from Europe, plus Brandon, Andrea, Maureen, Erin, Randy and Georgina in the U.S., as well as Adam, Linus, Shirley, Alice, Ronnie and Kelsey from China:

They talk about their perceptions, their ambitions and their passion. While each of them has had a unique experience, they all feel supported and inspired on their professional itinerary at LVMH and proud to contribute to initiatives that are shaping the future of the luxury industry.

Another of the most frequently asked questions by students based in Europe was: “What’s it like to work for the world leader in luxury?”

To answer them, we turned to five of our LVMH talents based in Europe. Francesca – Junior Merchandising Manager at Louis Vuitton, Marie – International Brand Manager at Moët & Chandon, Valérie-Anne – Senior Packaging Technologist at Parfums Christian Dior, Scott – Junior Designer at Chaumet and Youri – Webanalytics Manager at Sephora told us about their first steps in this universe and their different working environments.

From tearing down the common misconceptions related to the luxury industry, to feeling a genuine sense of pride from contributing to meaningful projects or experiencing the humility and passion of their coworkers, each of their experiences will give you an insight into LVMH’s inner life.

Students across China and the United States raised another interesting topic about preconceived ideas: “What are the biggest misconceptions about the luxury industry?”

First, let’s hear from our talents based in China through the professional and personal inputs of Adam – Retail Operations Executive at Fresh, Alice – Assistant Merchandiser at Loro Piana, Linus – Team Manager at Louis Vuitton, Kelsey – Assistant Business Analysis Manager at Bvlgari, Ronnie – Corporate Management Trainee at Sephora and Shirley – Digital transformation and social media project manager at LVMH. From describing the reality of a Merchandiser’s job being more driven towards data analysis than attending fashion shows, to highlighting the supportive mindset found in the teams and the open-mindedness of the Group, discover how the perception of our talents has changed since they know LVMH from the inside.

To answer the same question on misconceptions about the luxury industry, our US-based LVMH talents started by talking about how they quickly got rid of the preconceived idea that the workplace would be something like what is depicted in the iconic film, The Devil Wears Prada. Instead, all of them are grateful for how supported and included they felt from day one by their teams and managers. Another common stereotype is the idea that having previous experience in the luxury sector is mandatory, whereas the Group and its Maisons consider that it’s the diversity of experiences and backgrounds that foster new ideas and creativity.

Watch the video and learn more about the biggest misconceptions related to the luxury industry directly from Andrea – Global Marketing at Fresh, Brandon – Brand Manager at Hennessy, Erin – HR special projects intern at LVMH, Georgina – Associate Marketing Manager at Sephora, Maureen – Talent Acquisition at Louis Vuitton and Randy – Talent Development at Christian Dior Couture.

Watch our LVMH talents based in China sharing about how they managed to join LVMH or one of its Houses, and what advice they wish they had received when applying. “To demonstrate familiarity with the brand is essential,” according to them. But for Ronnie – Corporate Management Trainee at Sephora –  it is crucial to show more than a good knowledge of the brand. You need to have your own expectations for the brand, your own improvement ideas.  For Adam and Linus, the Management Trainee Program is the key: it gives candidates a better understanding of their abilities, while selecting the future leaders of the industry. Discover the advice they have for you.

This video deals with the importance that LVMH gives to the training and development of its talents. The opinions of our talents based in the United States converge: investing in your business means investing in Mentorships and in the Training & Development of your employees. It allows employees to grow professionally, and also to connect with people in the Group and its brands: this was the case for Georgina, for whom it turned out to be essential in her integration into the team. Discover how LVMH creates space for learning and growth for its talents by watching them compare their personal experiences.