LVMH Group supports “Working with Cancer”, a Publicis Foundation’s initiative



On the occasion of World Cancer Day on February 4, LVMH announces its commitment to the “Working with Cancer” initiative, the first international coalition of companies to champion a more open, supportive and inclusive corporate culture for employees with cancer (read about the pledge here).

The initiative aims to end the stigma of cancer in the workplace and has attracted support from major companies and organizations such as Institut Gustave Roussy and the Cancer@Work association in France, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in the US, and Macmillan Cancer Support in the UK.

The pledge is fully in line with LVMH’s HR policy, supported by Chantal Gaemperle, Group EVP Human Resources and Synergies. It places support and attention to employees at the core of its actions, for example with the LVMH Heart Fund or the actions of its Disability Inclusion Office.

LVMH stands by its employees when they encounter health-related challenges in their personal lives, and fosters a culture where everyone feels heard, included and free to express themselves in a safe environment.

“Our support for this initiative was immediate, as it echoes our values and our Human Resources policy. Helping our employees, especially during times when they are vulnerable to illness, and fighting the stigma associated with it is necessary and is part of our commitment,” comments Chantal Gaemperle.

The Group has committed to raising the awareness of everyone involved in health in the workplace, the Health & Safety Charter stakeholders, and its CSR community, in order to encourage the emergence of relevant local initiatives at each of its Maisons.

The subject is already the object of a special attention with concrete actions:

  • A Code of Conduct that explicitly prohibits all discrimination related to health in the workplace was shared with our employees worldwide. LVMH set up appropriate governance based on an Ethics and Sustainable Development Committee as part of its Board of Directors in order to assure its application. The Group also formed a network of Ethics & Compliance officers, developed an e-learning module, and made a Group whistleblowing system accessible to all.
  • LVMH Disability Inclusion aims to assist people with temporary or permanent disabilities during their illness or after, in the event of a subsequent disability, and shares best practices in place at all of our Maisons.
  • A Health & Safety Charter was adopted by all of our Maisons in 2022, attesting to their commitment to develop and maintain the highest standards in relation to health, safety and well-being at work.
  • The LVMH Heart Fund launched globally in June 2021 to provide tangible assistance to our employees facing accidents in their personal lives, no matter their role or where they are in the world. The fund offers our employees appropriate social and psychological support in line with their situation through personalized guidance sessions with a clinical psychologist, as well as administrative assistance where needed. Financial support of up to €5,000 per person per year can also be given to our employees facing an extraordinary and urgent personal situation of a serious and unexpected nature.LVMH has committed to a specific communication campaign to raise awareness among all our employees in the 80 countries where the Group operates, informing them that the LVMH Heart Fund can help our employees with cancer or other chronic illnesses.