LVMH holiday wish list



Just in time for the year-end holidays, discover our wish list, featuring iconic products from our Houses. Given the array of exceptional creations by LVMH brands, choosing was definitely not an easy task! From December 19-24, we’re presenting curated selections from the different LVMH branches, in a fantastical and festive décor. An enchanting countdown to the eve of the celebrations.

The trail of a perfume, the voluptuous grace of a fabric, the apparent simplicity of a bag… Some unique objects become part of our personal history, like a second skin. We choose them with loving care because they are the perfect escape. We keep them with us because they are essential. We treasure them to pass on to those dear to us. They have crossed the centuries with timeless elegance, remaining vibrant and true.

All these objects share an imperceptible link: they are designed and produced by one of our Houses in a spirit that values hand-made craftsmanship, inventiveness and the uniqueness of beautiful creations.

Wines & Spirits reveal their secrets
Inspired ideas from Fashion & Leather Goods
Perfumes & Cosmetics in grace
Watches & Jewelry with timeless sparkle