LVMH Maisons reaffirm commitments to the environment to mark World Earth Day



As the world meets the challenges of an unprecedented public health crisis, changes in lifestyles offer a chance for reflection on how our societies function. World Earth Day is a symbolic date and an occasion to look at how ideas put forth for years are being transformed into actions to protect our environment. LVMH Maisons are marking World Earth Day by reaffirming their commitments to more sustainable production and encouraging more responsible attitudes to ensure that the planet is able to thrive for future generations.


Guerlain is taking advantage of World Earth Day to strengthen its longstanding commitment to sustainability. The Maison has for many years actively supported efforts to protect bees, the sentinels whose survival is essential to our ecosystem. Since 2011 Guerlain has been a partner of the Brittany Black Bee Conservation Association and has since 2015 provided funding for the French Apidology Observatory, enabling the creation of significant numbers of hives across Europe. Guerlain also pursues a range of initiatives to protect orchids, including replanting 10,000 flowers since 2008 in partnership with the Tianzi Nature Reserve.

This commitment includes eco-design of packaging for Guerlain products: 80% of the Maison’s gift sets are made from recycled or reusable materials, and Abeille Royale jars are made from 90% recycled glass. The traceability of raw materials is a fundamental priority at Guerlain too. The Maison is aiming for 100% traceability for the ingredients in its products by the end of 2021.

For the past year the U.S. subsidiary of Sephora has partnered with the BSR HerHealth project, which provides health education for women working in factories in Asia where Sephora Collection products are made. Committed to gender equality worldwide, Sephora believes that empowering women is good for the planet. Recent research reinforces Sephora’s conviction that women play a decisive role in achieving a healthier planet, notably in their role as decision-makers in households in numerous countries.

Starboard Cruise Services is celebrating World Earth Day by giving voice to its employees. Because protecting the environment is a collective effort, the Maison has invited its teams to join together in an expression of solidarity towards future generations. For World Earth Day, children of employees have created drawings that are featured on Starboard Cruise Services social networks to heighten awareness among the public around the environmental challenges facing modern societies.

Fresh this week unveiled a multi-part documentary about the rose, a flower celebrated for its hydrating properties. Harvested in Turkey, Bulgaria or Morocco, roses are treated with the greatest possible care to retain the precious benefits of the flowers. The documentary pays tribute to both the rose and to the producers and their savoir-faire, and of course nature, the source of such amazing creations…

Stella McCartney is celebrating World Earth Day 2020 by taking over London’s Piccadilly Circus with a simple yet fundamental message on the giant screens: “For us, every day is Earth Day”. A pioneer in sustainability for both its collections and production methods, her eponymous fashion house took advantage of this temporary pause to invite the community to reflect on the impact that human activities have on the planet. The campaign reminds people that responses to these issues must be part of a long-term vision that is essential in order to protect the environment.