LVMH Métiers d’Art continues its expansion and announces the creation of LVMH Métiers d’Art Japan

LVMH Métiers d’Art announces the creation of LVMH Métiers d’Art Japan, a structure dedicated to the development of Japanese know-how for luxury Houses. LVMH Métiers d’Art is enriching its international network with an exceptional country recognized for its very high-quality craftsmanship and ancestral know-how.

The new division will be headed by Emina Morioka, whose dual Japanese and French culture will be a valuable asset for the successful development of LVMH Métiers d’Art in Japan. After an education in France, notably at the École Normale Supérieure in Paris Ulm, Emina spent most of her career in Japan, notably at the marketing and communication department of TAG Heuer. Emina was previously in charge of strategy for the LVMH group.

Jean Baptiste Voisin, Chairman of LVMH Métiers d’Art and Strategy Director of the LVMH group, says: “I am fascinated by Japan and its know-how, transmitted by masters from generation to generation. LVMH Métiers d’Art Japan commits to preserving and promoting this know-how, while exposing them to the major luxury brands, often European. We continue our journey, together, and we strengthen the ties that began to be woven in the middle of the 19th century – that is to say, at the time when the great luxury Houses that remain today were born, such as Louis Vuitton, and when the young Emperor Meiji definitively opened his country to the world.”

Matteo De Rosa, CEO of LVMH Métiers d’Art adds: “I am very happy to welcome Emina to our team. Emina will be decisive in strengthening the connections between our cultures, highlighting Japanese talents and forging the necessary links between them and our Houses and more generally our industry.”

Norbert Leuret, Chairman of LVMH Japan, continues: “We are delighted with the creation of LVMH Métiers d’Art Japan. This decision reinforces the strong links, already existing, between our Houses and the Japanese artistic and artisanal fabric with which we have been working for many years. With LVMH Métiers d’Art Japan, we will be able to multiply joint actions, always with the objectives of innovation and the sharing of knowledge.”

LVMH Métiers d’Art

Founded by the LVMH Group in 2015, LVMH Métiers d’Art brings together and invests in talented manufacturers and craftsmen, creating a profession unique in the world. Today, LVMH Métiers d’Art has presence in the leather, exotic skins and metal sectors.

For leather, LVMH Métiers d’Art is involved in France, Italy and Spain, right from breeding with its partner Domaine des Massifs; in tanning and finishing with Tanneries Roux, Masoni and Riba Guixà, which enable it to supply the finest calfskin and lambskin; in the fashion for leather ready-to-wear with Robans.

Similarly, for exotic skins, LVMH Métiers d’Art masters breeding with its network of certified animal welfare farms in Africa, Australia and the United States, and owns the Heng Long tannery present in Singapore and Italy, world reference for the tanning and finishing of crocodilian skins.

Finally, LVMH Métiers d’Art brings together the Menegatti, GBJM and Jade factories, which are among the best manufacturers of metal parts for luxury Houses in Europe and Asia.