LVMH partners Green Week 2014



For the third consecutive year, LVMH is joining the European Commission to promote best environmental practices by businesses in conjunction with Green Week 2014. The theme this year is “Circular Economy”, with a focus on building awareness among a broad public of the need to protect the environment.

From June 3-5, the European Commission is sponsoring Green Week, a high-profile event for all stakeholders in preserving the environment. The 2013 edition attracted some 2,100 participants from government, business and industry, NGOs, academia and the media.

The theme this year is “Circular Economy”. Unlike the current so-called “linear” economy, which is resource-intensive and generates large volumes of waste, a circular economy creates loops for resource and energy cycles. It builds sustainability into products, both in their design and their use, thus avoiding depletion of resources and limiting waste creation.

As part of its support for the event, LVMH is sharing best practices on resource conservation, recovery, reuse and recycling with its 110,000 employees. Information sheets on best practices will be published daily until June 5 (attached to this article).

In 2013 the LVMH Group celebrated 20 years of exemplary environmental responsibility and continues with the rollout of its environmental framework program “LIFE–LVMH Indicators For the Environment”. EU Environment Commissioner saluted the Group’s engagement, stating: “Private sector initiatives are crucial if we are all to make real progress in improving the environment. LVMH Group and its Maisons have demonstrated their long-term commitment to the environment and can provide inspiration to many others.”

The Green Week 2014 – LVMH factsheets:

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