LVMH presents “Craft the future”, its new employer brand signature



In an exclusive series, LVMH gives voice to its talents to embody its new employer brand signature “Craft the future“.

Each portrait highlights the way in which employees craft the future of luxury thanks to the four core values of the Group – innovation and creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, quest for excellence and a sense of commitment. A sense of commitment that guides them in the development of more sustainable practices and products, but also in the transmission to the next generations of the savoir-faire and legacy of its 75 Maisons.

LVMH and its Maisons are a playground where employees can fully express their passion for their métiers in their own way. Distinctive profiles that enrich the Group.

In this first episode, meet Cathelijne, who works on the development of LVMH’s sustainable sourcing strategy for raw materials. Her mission: developing best practices to contribute to the Group’s ambitious environmental objectives.


In this second episode, meet Mathias, Director of Research & Development at Hublot. With his team, he continuously develops materials and mechanisms in the spirit of innovation and creativity of the Maison.


In this third episode, discover Georgiana’s journey. She is an artisan from Loro Piana who participates in the creation of high-quality sweaters by assembling different knitwear items. She shares her passion for her métier every day by passing on her unique savoir-faire to the next generations.


In this fourth episode, Aya, Learning and Development Manager at LVMH, recounts the beginnings of the first Japanese class of the “Institut des Métiers d’Excellence”, in April 2021. In this country, this  international program was redesigned to meet the local needs in customer experience professions. It provides educational and vocational training for women who have been out of the workforce for several years, enabling them to express their full potential.


This fifth episode takes a look back on the most viral beauty launch on TikTok, with the release of KVD Beauty’s “Good Apple Foundation”. Sarah, Senior Vice President in charge of several LVMH cosmetics brands, reveals how this breakthrough product combining stunning effectiveness and a unique formulation with a 100% recyclable packaging, has met with great success thanks to a groundbreaking digital marketing strategy.


In this sixth episode, Jessica, Managing Director of Château Galoupet, shares her vision of the future to match exceptional wines and sustainable development, aligned with our LIFE 360 program. With her team, she ensures the conservation of this remarkable estate by pursuing concrete actions to foster the terroir and biodiversity of Provence.


You will discover new episodes on our website and our social media platforms in spring 2022.