LVMH showcases supply chain expertise



LVMH participated for the first time this year in The Fresh Connection, an international serious game dedicated to supply chain management. The two LVMH teams competing in the global challenge ended the competition in second and third place, a clear demonstration of the Group’s expertise in operational management.

Created in 2008 in the Netherlands, The Fresh Connection has gradually become the benchmark serious game dedicated to supply chain management. Teams from nearly 30 countries have taken part, including leaders like Apple, Coca-Cola, DHL, Nestlé and Unilever. The concept is simple: each participating team is given the task of turning around a virtual loss-making fruit juice company. By making strategic and tactical choices across the value chain—production, procurement, sales, planning—the four members of the team impact the results of their company.

The competition spans several months with a series of elimination rounds. There are versions for students and employees who represent their company. Some 300 businesses signed up for the challenge in this category in 2014, fourteen of them French. The French final took place on July 3. The two LVMH teams, made up of employees from Dior Couture, Guerlain, Hennessy, MHCS and Sephora who were selected by their managers, finished second and third, right behind the winner, consulting firm CGI. This excellent performance recognizes LVMH’s expertise in supply chain management.

“Teams in all our businesses never stop challenging themselves and striving for excellence. That’s why a serious game like The Fresh Connection is a superb training resource,” says Alain Doudard, LVMH Group Supply Chain Director. “Plus, solving problems as a team is especially motivating and helps participants from our different brands to form a strong internal network.

Participants who represented the Group were equally enthusiastic. Pierre-Emmanuel Delfosse of Hennessy sees two-fold benefits from this game. “It’s a good training framework that spans a broad spectrum of supply chain functions, from production to finance and purchasing, as well as a good personal development tool that lets you gain a more holistic vision of the Group and the different skillsets that come into play.”

Inspired by this initial success LVMH is already gearing up and aiming for the top spot in 2015!