LVMH sponsors Monumenta



LVMH has sponsored the Monumenta exhibitions since the first edition in 2007. Each year, an internationally-renowned artist is invited to create a work in the vast space under the towering glass-vaulted nave of the Grand Palais. The installation for the sixth edition this year is the work of Russian-born conceptual artists Ylia and Emilia Kabakov.

Monumenta 2014 is organized by RMN-Grand Palais with support from the French Culture and Communications Ministry and in association with the Moscow Multimedia Art Museum. As a longstanding partner to Monumenta, LVMH is proud to again be associated with this rich dialogue between a site charged with history and a forward-facing work of contemporary art.

Ylia and Emilia Kabakov have occupied the 13,500 square meters of space under the glass vault with a “strange city”. Visitors find an enclosed maze leading to a utopian city to be discovered as they wander between the five pavilions and two chapels that comprise the immersive experience. The mysterious labyrinthine construction proposes a narrative conceived to encourage meditative dialogue.

The compelling and astonishing installation addresses universal themes such as divinity, the human condition, and the boundaries between art and sacred. This latest iteration of Monumenta more than lives up to the promise of an event that holds a unique place in the international art scene.