LVMH steps up waste recycling with CEDRE platform



Fifteen years ago obsolete products from LVMH Maisons were incinerated with recovery of the energy generated. To limit this practice and engage the Group in a circular economy approach, LVMH announced new waste recycling commitments in 2006. These commitments led to cooperation between LVMH and waste collection specialist CEDRE. Since 2010, CEDRE has provided the Group with solutions to break down products while optimizing traceability and safety, thus preventing counterfeiting or grey market transactions. CEDRE initially specialized in the Perfumes & Cosmetics sector but recently accelerated development of textiles recycling. In addition to recycling services, CEDRE also advises the Group on eco-design. LVMH Environment Director Sylvie Bénard and CEDRE Marketing Director Julien Bourreau present illustrations of this promising model, which has already been adopted by several LVMH Maisons in both Perfumes & Cosmetics and Fashion & Leather Goods.

2020 Future LIFE: LVMH steps up waste recycling with CEDRE platform