LVMH strengthens its commitment to building an inclusive company culture by signing the UN standards of conduct for business, which fight against discrimination towards LGBTI people



On March 13th, following a series of events organized around the world by LVMH and its Maisons to support Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace, 300 talents, amongst which Executive Committee members, CEOs and HR Directors gathered in Paris to celebrate the Group’s achievements in terms of Gender Diversity and continue to strengthen the Group’s commitment to Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace. 

In addition to its objective to achieve gender parity in key positions by 2020, LVMH showed its ever growing commitment to fostering diversity and promoting a culture of respect, equality and inclusion for all, by officially signing the UN standards of conduct for business which fight against discrimination towards lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders and intersexed people (LGBTI). 

Yesterday, gender diversity programs were highlighted to showcase Maisons and people working towards the Group’s objective of achieving gender parity by 2020 in key positions. Amongst those, two innovative projects born out of the open innovation event DARE EllesVMH that took place in March 2018 were launched: SHERO, an internal digital platform & community to empower LVMH women through articles, video, podcast and more; and The Inclusion Index, a framework aimed at stimulating diversity actions internally and promoting these efforts externally to support the Group’s diversity goals.

By signing the UN standards of conduct which fight against discrimination towards LGBTI people, LVMH Executive Committee members and CEOs show their commitment to:

  • Respect Human Rights of LGBTI workers, customers and community members
  • Eliminate Discrimination against LGBTI employees in the workspace
  • Support LGBTI employees at work
  • Not Discriminate against LGBTI customers, suppliers and distributors and insist that business partners do the same
  • Stand up for Human Rights of LGBTI people in the communities where they do business

This builds upon LVMH’s existing anti-discrimination policy which started with the 2009 Code of Conduct, reviewed in 2017, followed by anti-discrimination training for recruiters since 2011 and the implementation of tests against all forms of discrimination in the recruitment process.

The Group is currently working on a worldwide training program around Unconscious Bias and Inclusive Leadership which will be rolled out to all employees in key positions by the end of 2019.