LVMH supports the new Traits d’union 7 collection from association La Fabrique NOMADE, resulting from the collaboration between designers from its Maisons with refugee craftsmen in France



As part of its partnership with association La Fabrique NOMADE, LVMH is proud to support the launch of their new annual Traits d’union 7 collection, on the theme of Dialect. Designers from Vermont and Louis Vuitton worked exclusively with Ukrainian, Syrian, Sri Lankan, Venezuelan, Japanese, Lithuanian and Georgian craftsmen supported by the association. They worked for several months to prepare this collection, revealing the diversity and uniqueness of each artisan’s path. Made up of five embroidered accessories and three pieces of jewelery created with sapphires and pearls, it highlights precious and sometimes ancestral skills in a contemporary series. 

A partner of the association since 2019, the Group supports La Fabrique NOMADE by accompanying its refugee artisans so that they can continue to apply their skills and practice their craft despite living in exile. Through skills mentoring and by opening the doors of the workshops of its Maisons, the Group encourages the transmission of savoir-faire and exchanges to facilitate the integration of the association’s artisans. 

In 2023, La Fabrique NOMADE was also able to count on the commitment of three of the Group’s Maisons: Chaumet, which offered technical mentorship to pass on its fine jewellery expertise; Vermont (part of Christian Dior Couture), which shared their embroidery know-how and took part in the creative research for the Traits d’union 7 Collection; and Louis Vuitton, which involved its Head Designer Women’s Fashion Show Jewelry, in the conception of the jewellery pieces of the collection. Louis Vuitton also employed a craftswoman from La Fabrique NOMADE in its workshop in Asnières this year and supported the 2023 cohort of artisans in their training.