Maison Fred revisits Stone Gauge to mark 110th anniversary of its founder

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In a nod to the bold creativity of its founder Fred Samuel, who was born 110 years ago, Maison Fred has given a contemporary makeover to the Stone Gauge, one of its most emblematic pieces.  A replica in gold of one of the jeweler’s most vital tools – a plaque punched with holes for measuring the exact size of a diamond – this piece captured the mood of the times with its originality. The new edition celebrates the founder’s offbeat style of creativity.

An adventurer who loved precious gems and pearls, Fred Samuel founded the eponymous Maison Fred and spent his life traveling the world to elevate the beauty of women. To mark the 110th anniversary of his birth, the Maison has given a contemporary makeover to an emblematic piece created by its founder in the 1970s, the Stone Gauge. Initially, this plaque punched through with holes was used by jewelers to measure the exact size of a diamond. Turning this practical object into a precious jewelry piece perfectly expresses Fred Samuel’s joyfully offbeat creative style.

Carrying on the innovative spirit that inspired its founder, Maison Fred has updated the ‘stone gauge’, as it is still called by master jewelers. By elevating this simple tool, Fred affirms the Maison’s affinity with master jewelers, the guardians of a craft that it has always worked to preserve and develop.

A mini Stone Gauge in white gold with a 0.08 carat diamond has joined the iconic Fred collection, along with a second pink gold version with a 0.05 carat diamond. In addition to these two jewels, a an exquisite third limited-edition version in yellow gold is being made in just 110 pieces in a tribute to the 110th anniversary of Fred Samuel’s birth.