Maison Hennessy launches innovative web3 partnership with Friends With Benefits DAO, creating Café 11, a unique cultural social club of the future

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Inspired by the artist cafés of 1920s Paris, Café 11 is the first club of its kind, merging a DAO – decentralized autonomous organization – and an iconic luxury brand. Club members will have a chance to be part of exclusive culture experiences in exceptional places. Café 11 reimagines today’s social gatherings, taking a cue from the chance encounters of the 20th century. This exciting new space will unfold during a series of global events as Hennessy becomes the first luxury brand to join in an initiative like this with a DAO.

For this groundbreaking initiative, Hennessy has teamed with pioneering organization Friends With Benefits (FWB). This DAO counts a web3 community of 3,000 creatives, including artist Petra Cortright, icon Erykah Badu, designer David Rudnick, and founder Trevor McFedries, who invented the virtual influencer and viral sensation Lil Miquela.

Access to this exclusive network is granted to collectors of a Café 11 NFT, designed by artist and FWB member John P. Dessereau. On November 4, FWB minted 1,765 Café 11 NFTs, a number that pays tribute to the year Maison Hennessy was founded. To become a member and participate in Café 11 events, NFTs can be purchased at

The inaugural event welcoming this unique network of NFT owners will take place during Art Basel Miami Beach in December. A multi-day experience invites Café 11 members to take part in Hennessy cognac tastings, culinary events, cultural programming and much more.

Café 11 is a partnership between visionary leaders in their fields. For two and a half centuries, Hennessy has been synonymous with excellence, inspiring generations with its hand-crafted cognacs. FWB joins this legacy and enriches it with a blockchain-backed, community-led ethos. This initiative underscores Hennessy’s long tradition of embracing the avant-garde.