Make Up For Ever enters the world of TV & Cinema

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This September Make Up For Ever, the world-leader in professional make-up production and education, will open the doors of its first TV & Cinema Academy based in the heart of La Cité du Cinéma in Saint Denis (just outside Paris).

Over the years, the brand and its dynamic international network of Academies established a truly global network of professionals. Now, Make Up For Ever is ready for the next big step. “Being a make-up artist in the world of cinema is a magnificent profession; it is demanding and is beyond comparison to anything else. It is also a difficult work that leaves no place for improvisation,” said Dany Sanz, the founder and Creative Director of Make Up For Ever.

The cinema and television make-up artist is truly a magician, transforming the actors, defying the laws of aging, making them into entirely different people or even creatures, and constantly adapting and excelling with the latest creative challenge.

The Cité du Cinéma was opened by world-renown French film director and producer Luc Besson in 2012 on the outskirts of Paris. Covering 62,000 square meters, the complex is a truly unique European cinema hub that brings together film crews, production and post-production studios, screenwriting and distributing teams and many other industry professionals. The students of the Academy will get an excellent hands-on experience within their future working environment, learning and adapting their skills to the unique setting.

The TV & Cinema Academy, which became the 10th in the educational network, offers masters classes in both French and English. The programs range from 1-3 weeks of intensive courses to 6 months. Under the guidance of Make Up For Ever Academy professors, who designed the curriculum in collaboration with professionals from the television and cinema industry, the students will have an opportunity to explore the make-up techniques used in television, short films, cinema and special effects. The students will also interact with visiting world-leading professionals during regular workshops and demonstrations planned for the course.

In addition to the make-up techniques, the students are set to learn the foundations of TV & Cinema production, including work with cameras, lights and script-reading.