Marc Jacobs brings New York Fashion Week to a close with a colorful women’s collection for next summer

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New York Fashion Week came to a joyful close with the runway show for Marc Jacob’s Spring-Summer 2020 Women’s collection. The creative director imagined the colorful show as an optimistic celebration of life.

With the runway show for his women’s collection for Spring-Summer 2020 Marc Jacobs paid tribute to the past, celebrated the present and looked to the future with unbridled optimism. Inspired by his Spring-Summer 2001 collection, the collection featured floral designs and brilliant colors with vintage accents referencing the 1970s.

“This show is a celebration of life, joy, equality, individuality, optimism, happiness, indulgence, dreams and a future unwritten as we continue to learn from our past and the history of fashion,” Marc Jacobs stated.

© Marc Jacobs

To the backdrop of the song “Dream a Little Dream of Me” – recorded by a host of jazz artists in the 1950s, including Doris Day and Ella Fitzgerald, in a duo with Louis Armstrong – the silhouettes took possession of a space with minimalist staging as models strutted and danced in flowing multicolored ruffled gowns, flared pantsuits, fanciful hats and floral prints.

“As with closely guarded tradition, tonight is our reminder of the joy in dressing up, our unadulterated love of fashion and embracing grand gestures of unbridled expressions, reactions, ideas and possibilities,” Marc Jacobs concluded in the show notes.

© Marc Jacobs