Moët Hennessy mobilizes worldwide to help medical personnel in the fight against Covid-19

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As the entire world battles the Covid-19 pandemic, LVMH has mobilized on all fronts to help in the effort to fight the disease. Moët Hennessy, the LVMH Wines & Spirits division, is contributing by supporting hospitals and medical staff in all its host countries worldwide.  


LVMH has been active for several weeks already to support the fight against Covid-19 in France. LVMH Perfumes & Cosmetics Maisons Guerlain, Parfums Christian Dior and Parfums Givenchy have produced large quantities of hand sanitizer gel, and the Group will supply several million surgical masks in France, with an initial shipment recently arriving in Paris from China.

Moët Hennessy has also marshaled its forces to fight the pandemic. With its international network of teams and production sites, the Wines & Spirits division of the LVMH Group has already made numerous contributions in several countries and continues to add initiatives each day.

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In France, Hennessy, the cognac industry leader and a major force in the eponymous region, has mobilized to contribute to public health efforts with donations of hand sanitizer, masks, medical clothing and medical alcohol for local medical facilities, both directly and as part of collective initiatives by the cognac sector. The Maison is also helping protect the ecosystem of its home region, ensuring that vulnerable partners are also protected (faster payment times, confirmation of orders, increased coordination with grape growers).

In Champagne, LVMH Maisons are also actively involved. Veuve Clicquot has contributed its stock of masks and is supplying protective eyewear for the Maison Blanche hospital in Reims, while Moët & Chandon, in addition to donating equipment and materials, is making facilities for seasonal grape harvest workers available to healthcare staff and is delivering breakfasts each morning for teams at the Auban-Moët hospital.

In the United States, the Woodinville Whiskey distillery in Washington state has produced several thousand liters of ethanol with high proof alcohol to make hand sanitizer gel for the local community. It is being donated to healthcare establishments and state agencies, as well as vulnerable segments of the population. Hand sanitizer will also be provided for MH North America and its partners.

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Moët Hennessy USA has made financial donations to the US Bartenders’ Guild and the National Restaurant Association Education Fund (NRAEF), which help people who have lost their jobs. It is naturally eager to support the bars and restaurants community, which has been hit hard by this health crisis.

In Australia, Chandon is making hand sanitizer for its employees and their families, and donating hand sanitizer to local communities in Argentina.

In Poland, Belvedere is taking two major actions in the production of hand sanitizer. Firstly, this week it will make several thousand 1L bottles of 70% proof alcohol, which it will donate to the local communities to use for sanitation purposes, as the facility is not equipped to produce gel. Secondly, Belvedere has been working on a partnership with one of the biggest charity organization in Poland. Belvedere would donate pure alcohol to a licensed subcontractor to produce sanitizer and the charity organization would distribute it to local nurturing homes, hospices, health centers and others in needs.

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Philippe Schaus, Chief Executive Officer of Moët Hennessy, saluted these multiple initiatives taken by the Maisons in the Wines & Spirits division: “Our teams around the world are stepping up to the challenge with admirable solidarity. All contributions, large or small, are invaluable, and together we will make a difference. Thank you to everyone for your engagement.”