MoëtHennessy supports Solar Impulse Pacific flight

Wines & Spirits


Solar-powered aircraft Solar Impulse continues its round-the-world adventure with support from MoëtHennessy. On June 29 the aircraft took off from Nagoya, Japan for Hawaii. This historic Pacific crossing promotes the use of renewable energy.

MoëtHennessy is official partner of Solar Impulse, the only airplane with unlimited autonomy, capable of flying day and night with no fuel, powered solely by solar energy. The aircraft began its tour of the world in March.  The Wines & Spirits Division of LVMH is a natural partner for this project, sharing a pioneering spirit and drive to excel that have long inspired the success of all its brands.  MoëtHennessy is proud to support Solar Impulse in its commitment to renewable energies and preservation of resources, encapsulated in the clear message “Celebrate Sustainability”.

In its previous six flights, Solar Impulse has crossed the Arabian peninsula to China, flying over Asia (Oman, India and Myanmar). The aircraft now embarks on the incredible challenge of reaching Hawaii from Nanjing, China, a flight that will take five days and five nights, breaking the record set by Charles Lindbergh when he flew nonstop across the Atlantic.

MoëtHennessy is deploying unprecedented communications around the event. A special website – – lets people follow the adventure with live video, including real-time updates of flight data and a live Twitter feed. This lets a large public experience the excitement of this major initiative to support renewable energies. At each stop, the project sponsors and the plane’s pilots reach out to local institutions to build awareness around clean technologies.

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