Moynat celebrates 170 years of savoir-faire in the heart of Paris

Fashion & Leather Goods


Renowned for exceptional savoir-faire and the timeless elegance of its products, Moynat is marking its 170th anniversary in 2019. This milestone is a perfect opportunity for the trunkmaker to celebrate a rich history that is intimately intertwined with Paris, the city where the Maison was born and a place that has always served as an inspiration.  

The 1850s were a period of exciting effervescence for the French capital. The Paris of Balzac and Victor Hugo was in the midst of a vast renewal. Baron Haussmann’s urban development transformed the city, giving it a distinctive architectural identity. The first railroads arrived in Paris and the city embraced the golden age of Parisian boutiques. The City of Light affirmed its reputation as the capital of luxury and fashion, drawing affluent customers avid to shop from the French provinces and other countries.

© Moynat

Upon arriving Paris from her native Savoy region, Pauline Moynat quickly recognized the potential offered by the development of new modes of travel. Moynat began crafting trunks in 1849, and in 1869 the young woman opened a boutique at the future address of 1 Avenue de L’Opéra, as Baron Haussmann initiated work on what would evolve into one of the city’s most mythic avenues. This prime location became Maison Moynat, a manufacturer of trunks and travel accessories. The trunkmaker embarked on a path of continual innovation, elevating its artisanal savoir-faire to the heights of excellence while accompanying the transformations reshaping the city and modern travel.

To celebrate its170th anniversary, Maison Moynat is publishing a quarterly newspaper entitled “Voyageur”, available in its boutiques. Conceived to evoke the year of Moynat’s founding, the first issue is dated 1869, when the first Moynat boutique opened. The second is dated 1889, the year of the inauguration of the Eiffel Tower and the Universal Exposition in Paris, in which Moynat participated.

© Moynat

Moynat is also marking this anniversary with several special collections, including the Macaron Mini Vanity, Limousine Mini Vanity, Stone Mini Vanity, plus the Mini Sphère Métallique.

This year’s celebration of Moynat’s 170th anniversary pays homage to the Parisian heritage that informs the Maison’s savoir-faire and philosophy. Mirroring its founding amidst the French capital’s renaissance, Moynat continues to find inspiration in the avant-garde spirit of Paris, charting its voyage into the future as a unique maker of luxury leather goods.