New Sephora campaign “The Unlimited Power of Beauty” celebrates the beauty of all women

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Sephora’s recently unveiled campaign “The Unlimited Power of Beauty” celebrates women. The Maison presents an inclusive and diverse vision of beauty, inviting all women to assert themselves, regardless of their age, physique or style. This committed message reaffirms Sephora’s leadership in the beauty industry. 


Beauty is no longer dictated from catwalks or in magazines. It is everywhere, at the corner of the street or in selfies, constantly changing and continually challenged.

For Sephora, every woman has their own definition of beauty. Beauty is boundless, and the same person can explore many facets of beauty. The brand illustrates this spirit in a major new campaign with the evocative title “The Unlimited Power of Beauty”. Both universal and intimate, the campaign spotlights the amazing power of beauty as a tool for self-realization.

© Sephora

The campaign film tells the story of a woman’s relationship with her reflection at key periods throughout her life, from infancy to an advanced age, experiencing beauty in its most doubting to its most glorious state. At each stage, she explores the many facets of her own beauty, which evolves over time but always remains her essence.

The inspiring film is accompanied by a series of prints that carry Sephora’s vision that beauty gives people the power to assert and love themselves. The 12 prints tell the story of the diversity and richness of beauty, regardless of physique or style. The campaign also features men, underlining the inclusive message.

“The Unlimited Power of Beauty” boldly reaffirms both the positive role of the beauty industry in society and Sephora’s leadership.

"The Unlimited Power of Beauty" by Sephora