New Sephora uniforms designed with CSM

Selective retailing


Sephora beauty advisors in French stores have unveiled the new uniforms that staff throughout Europe and Asia will soon be wearing. The uniforms, which mark a bolder and trendy Sephora style, are the fruit of a creative design competition organized with Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (CSM).

A unique incubator for fashion and design talent, CSM is globally renowned for the creativity of its students and the excellence of the teaching at the establishment. LVMH has been a partner of the prestigious school since 2011. Sephora and CSM together developed the Sephora Design Award to challenge students’ imaginations.

Culminating the two-month competition, the judges selected the design by Jamie Cockerill, a young (27) talent considered by his peers as one of the most promising fashion lights to recently come out of the school. He topped the field of competitors thanks to his disruptive and audacious style, combined with special attention to the specific needs of beauty advisors in the stores (especially comfort and materials). The primarily black uniforms are punctuated with red and feature a “flame” motif. With both men’s and women’s versions, the uniforms connect with Sephora’s graphic codes, referencing the brand’s origins by recreating a truly distinctive style.