Parfums Christian Dior and the Granville Rose

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At the end of 2013, LVMH marked 20 years of steadfast commitment to the environment. Our series of ten photos has featured ten emblematic environmental initiatives by LVMH houses. The final chapter presents a rose created by Parfums Christian Dior to rediscover the essence of the wild roses of the cliffs of Granville, beloved of the legendary  couturier.

The fruit of a 10-year collaboration with celebrated heritage rose creator André Eve, the Granville Rose is a living jewel in the Dior Prestige skincare range. The domesticated flower expresses all the resilience and vitality of its wild forerunner.

Grown in compliance with organic farming standards, the Granville Rose is picked by hand and processed using eco-friendly methods. The resulting nectar soothes and revitalizes the most delicate skin.

This completes our series on ten sustainability initiatives pursued over 20 plus years by the LVMH Group and its houses. To revisit these emblematic undertakings:

–         Belvedere’s environmentally-responsible distillery

–         Guerlain protects the Breton black bee

–         Sephora deliveries by electric cars

–         Château d’Yquem’s eco-friendly bottling unit

–         TAG Heuer eco-initiatives pick up speed

–         CEDRE recycling platform

–         Loewe sustainable lambskin

–         Bulgari responsible jewelry certification

–         Edun supports the African continent