Plunge into a festive week



Our third themed week runs from December 20-27, featuring a scintillating seasonal subject: the year-end holidays. With celebrations rolling out around the world, this is high season for our brands as they enchant and brighten the month of December.

The end of the year is marked by big events and powerful emotions.

This period is a time for celebrations and events across the planet, and brands put an emphasis on customer relations. Months of preparations have gone into initiatives designed to delight customers and spark dreams.

Starting December 20, we’ll be showcasing five emblematic initiatives. The festive program kicks off with the traditional Wish List, signed Le Bon Marché.  Then will come a playful digital game from Louis Vuitton, where a Goose is coming to town, revealing a selection of iconic products by the trunkmaker.

From Madrid, Loewe shows off its Xmas windows, staging adorable animated animal scenes. Sephora celebrates the engagement of its staff in countries across the world. The week ends on an appropriately sparkling note as Veuve Clicquot presents the art of service with a French touch, a special decanting service at the Hôtel du Marc.

2013 ends in festive fashion, starting tomorrow with the digital game from Louis Vuitton!