Reinventing luxury at Station F: Discover Season 7 of La Maison des Startups LVMH



LVMH’s entrepreneurial spirit is key to ensuring the Group’s long-term vision and ability to constantly renew itself. La Maison des Startups LVMH serves this ambition by empowering the Group’s talents to collaborate with startups to build together innovative solutions for tomorrow’s luxury. From over 400 applications, 23 new startups have been selected to join La Maison des Startups LVMH! Discover Season 7.

The future of Luxury

Launched in April 2018, La Maison des Startups LVMH is one of the Group’s business accelerators and a fast-track for startups to navigate the luxury universe. At Station F (the world’s largest startup campus in Paris) and remotely since 2020, selected startups have the opportunity to partner with key stakeholders from LVMH Maisons. The six-month program fosters creativity and innovation, all while developing a community of individuals committed to designing tomorrow’s luxury. Demo-sessions, e-workshops and events allow startups and Maisons to collaborate and co-craft solutions.

Fostering business innovations since 2018

Since the launch of the program, La Maison des Startups has led to over 285 collaborations between startups and Maisons. With Replika, Sephora turned customer and sales associates into brand ambassadors online. With Urb-it, Moët Hennessy launched an eco-friendly last-mile luxury delivery service of fresh bottles in the Paris region. With Orbis, Zenith displayed state-of-the-art product presentations with holographic technology in Zenith boutiques worldwide. And many more.

Since 2018, la Maison des Startups LVMH has generated over 285 collaborations with Maisons. Discover them in video.

Here is the season 7 line-up, selected for their ability to work with LVMH’s Maisons on 6 strategic topics:

3D & Virtual Product Experience

ALTAVA – Customizable digital solutions for brands to appear in the metaverse

BARNEY – Connecting fashion brands to the virtual world

TANGIBLEE – Beyond AR & 3D: Interactive e-commerce experiences

THREEDIUM – A metaverse company to create, manage & deploy life-like 3D/AR experiences at scale

Omnichannel & Retail

MAXXING – Hyper-personalization, promotions & loyalty to boost customer engagement

UNCROWD – Experience analytics for market share growth

VELOU – Intelligent product discovery automation

Employee Experience & CSR

COLLOCK – Engaging talents and audience with games

ESSTEEM – Helping brands bridge the gap between CSR intentions and measurable social impact

HEYAXEL – Successful hiring experience, without additional tools

Operations & Manufacturing Excellence

GARDENIA TECHNOLOGIES – Making companies more operationally efficient, more sustainable and more profitable

MERCATEAM – Managing, training & empowering talents in the industry

PSYCLE – Customized quality control made easy

Media & Brand Awareness

CROWLINGO – Fully multilingual monitoring platform to analyze impactful topics in real-time

DRAGONFLY AI – Content performance prediction

NWO – Leveraging unstructured data to understand global cultural shifts and identify emerging microtrends

QWARRY – Embracing the future of contextual advertising


AUTHENTIC MATERIAL – Circular recycling: Design and manufacturing of materials based on luxury brands sourcing

BIOPHILICA – Plastic-free leather alternatives made with green waste

GRAVIKY – Making everyday materials from carbon emissions

GREENSPECTOR – Measurement & analysis tool to help eco-design web, mobile and IoT solutions

LAVOISIER COMPOSITES – Innovative materials of minimal footprint to design products with extra soul

RESORTECS – Innovative threads, rivets and disassembly technology to drive circularity and make recycling easy

La Maison des Startups is open to all talents and Maisons. To meet the startups and organise your demo-session, please visit