Ridley Scott gives an exceptional master class in Paris following the release of his film “The Seven Worlds” for Hennessy

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Ridley Scott returned to advertising for Hennessy after a 15-year absence. The result is “The Seven Worlds of Hennessy X.O”, a film that has already topped 50 million views online, a little over a month after its release. Invited to Paris by Antoine Arnault, a member of the board of directors of the LVMH Group, Ridley Scott shared some of his secrets during an exceptional master class.

“I’m extremely moved this evening because I am welcoming one of my idols, and the greatest director in the world,” said Antoine Arnault before an avid audience gathered at the Élysées Biarritz theater in Paris last March 14th for an exceptional experience with Sir Ridley Scott.

LVMH welcomes Ridley Scott in Paris

Hennessy President and Chief Executive Officer Bernard Peillon noted that Hennessy strives to “inspire imaginary worlds and engage with the greatest storytellers and exceptional talents.” The cognac house thus naturally called on Ridley Scott, who returned to advertising following a 15-year hiatus. The director applied his subversive sense of narrative and knack for innovation for the new Hennessy campaign. The result most definitely lives up to expectations, a captivating four-minute short film entitled “The Seven Worlds”, exploring the seven tasting notes in Hennessy X.O, the Maison’s signature cognac.

“He does not just make movies, he is not just a director, he creates legends,” said the moderator of the event, Isabelle Giordano, Managing Director of UniFrance, the agency that promotes French cinema around the world.

“It doesn’t really matter whether it’s a movie, an advertisement, a painting or something else. The first real question to ask is ‘Am I really communicating something?’ When you have a great product like Hennessy and you get great advertising, it’s a fantastic combination,” said Ridley Scott.

During the master class the award-winning director emphasized how important it is for a director to always trust his intuition, to know how to take risks, and to know how to maintain a certain distance with the images. Precious advice from one of the most inspiring filmmakers of his times.

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