Ruinart and Chef Arnaud Donckele: an alliance of Excellence

Wines & Spirits


Ruinart and 3-Michelin-star chef Arnaud Donckele (La Vague d’Or – Cheval Blanc St-Tropez and Plénitude – Cheval Blanc Paris) have a shared vision of champagne and gastronomy. Now their many years of close collaboration have culminated in an exciting partnership for the coming three years. 

The deep connection between Ruinart and Arnaud Donckele springs from a common quest for excellence, a love of the terroir, respect for nature, visionary spirit, a desire to pass on savoir-faire, and continually renewed creativity. Chef Donckele will play an active role in exploring new ways to express Ruinart’s vision through culinary creations. He will also develop the gastronomic offering crafted by Ruinart resident chef Valérie Radou in Reims, as well as for high-profile events in France and around the world.

This alliance will take form as well at the two Michelin 3-star restaurants headed by Arnaud Donckele, including the creation of signature menus to accompany prestigious Dom Ruinart cuvées.

“I’m a chef who explores the natural richness of products and tries to extract their quintessence. This approach – which I share with Maison Ruinart – has over the years let us forge a deep and lasting connection,” said Arnaud Donckele.

Both Chef Donckele and Ruinart also recognize the importance of passing on exceptional savoir-faire in both gastronomy and champagne-making and will organize intergenerational events to encourage a new generation of international chefs.

“Maison Ruinart is thrilled to team with this unique artist of taste and flavor in a meaningful collaboration anchored in shared values: a passion for excellence, active engagement with modernity, discreet elegance and authentic savoir-faire. We are inspired by the same desire to spark emotions and find the ideal harmony between nature and the creative process,” said Frédéric Dufour, President of Ruinart.