“SAVOIR FAIRE RÊVER”: LVMH releases “KNOW HOW WOW” ad campaign for Les Journées Particulières



LVMH has unveiled the ad campaign for the upcoming fifth edition of Les Journées Particulières, set for October 14, 15 and 16 in 15 countries around the world: SAVOIR-FAIRE RÊVER* **.


With five different visuals and three language versions (French, English* and Italian**), the campaign features popping color backgrounds and polarized photos of artisanal savoir-faire. The ads perfectly articulate the promise of Les Journées Particulières: give the public a chance to share unforgettable experiences thanks to a unique new savoir-faire that our Maisons have mastered – “Know How Wow”, the ability to inspire dreams. The campaign and its high-impact visuals is being rolled out in print and on social media, as well as outdoor display ads.

Beyond the campaign, SAVOIR FAIRE RÊVER, or “Know How Wow”, is an affirmation of the LVMH Group’s core vocation, namely to inspire dreams thanks to the exceptional products and experiences crafted by our Maisons, coupled with a commitment to a world of greater solidarity, sustainability and desirability, all essential to the enduring magic of dreams.

These active verbs can be employed in infinite combinations to express the multiple facets of the LVMH Group:

”Savoir” evokes the know-how behind skilled gestures and artisanal creations.
”Faire” references all we do and make to spark desirability through our creativity.
And knowing how to inspire dreams springs from our ability to innovate and pursue perpetual renewal to achieve a sustainable future.
Equally important, communicating what we do – “ Faire savoir” – expresses our transparency, exemplary initiatives and active engagement.

Five Maisons – Bulgari, Château Cheval Blanc, Dior, Guerlain and Louis Vuitton – are featured in the ad campaign. Each of them embodies the excellence of our savoir-faire in different activities. They are among the 57 Houses that will open their doors to the public for this fifth edition of Les Journées Particulières, giving people a chance to experience magical moments alongside our artisans in absolutely unique places across the world.
Discover them on www.lesjourneesparticulieres.com.