Sephora Americas casts its own store employees in new campaign

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This past month, Sephora launched its newest Holiday Animation, which, for the first time ever, featured 10 of its own Cast Members. The “Reach Out and Gift” holiday 2017 campaign focused on the emotional and personal connections that encapsulate gifting. The campaign not only speaks to gifting the one-of-a-kind people in your life, but also represents the one-of-a-kind people in the Sephora family – the men and women who are the heart of the business and that live for beauty. The “Reach Out and Gift” campaign aims to celebrate diversity and connect with all clients and their own unique beauty preferences and styles.

With 30,000 employees worldwide, including 11,000 in North America, Sephora places a strong emphasis on recruiting, diversity and talent development. By establishing a work environment shaped with respect and tolerance, Sephora aims to inspire and offer its people a myriad opportunities for career growth.

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This philosophy of diversity and inclusivity directly influenced the concept behind the new holiday campaign. It featured ten of Sephora’s own Cast Members and aimed at illustrating the unifying power of beauty, representing a diverse range of employees. “We’ve been having the conversation about unique perspectives in beauty and celebrating diversity in our marketing for a number of years,” explained Deborah Yeh, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Brand. “This campaign, however, was our first opportunity to really show it in such a demonstrative way, by elevating real people from the Sephora beauty community.”

Centered on connections, sharing and dialogue, the campaign was also a way to bring employees together. The Cast Members turned models were overjoyed by this opportunity: “I applied for the campaign because I love the idea of bringing people together through beauty”; “Sephora is a place to inspire beauty”; “At Sephora we always encourage our clients and each other to embrace the differences,” said some of the cast members who participate in the campaign.

Shot by Dutch fashion photographers Inez & Vinoodh, the campaign is featured in Sephora North America store windows and the Maison’s social media spaces.

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