Sephora and the environment: 3 questions for Chris de Lapuente

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In conjunction with the COP21 World Climate Summit, of which LVMH is a partner, we asked five CEOs from our different business sectors to talk about the importance of the environment for their respective Houses. Chris de Lapuente, CEO of Sephora, spotlights innovative solutions introduced by the beauty brand.

Why is the environment so important to Sephora?
We aim to be the best loved and most admired beauty community in the world. This means we have a responsibility to help build a better society, which is why I want Sephora to be a benchmark for exemplary environmental performance. New technologies, equipment and eco-friendly materials are being introduced all the time and impact every aspect of our business – architecture, store operations, logistics, products, etc. Environmental responsibility brings us a fantastic opportunity to show our disruptive spirit thanks to creative and innovative initiatives. It’s embedded in our DNA!

Is there one particular initiative Sephora has taken of which you’re especially proud?
There are a lot of things we can be proud of, but the most significant is the energy savings we’ve achieved thanks to LED lighting. Starting three years ago, all our new stores and renovation projects have been fitted with latest-generation LED lights, which are 15% more energy efficient. And this is a worldwide commitment. For example, by the end of 2016, our U.S. retail network will be 100% LED. We’re quite proud of this effort.

How will the creation of the LVMH Carbon Fund help Sephora reduce its greenhouse gas emissions?
The fund will at the same time change and facilitate our strategy of investing in equipment with a lower carbon footprint. We’ve identified three strategic levers to reduce our energy consumption: lighting, air-conditioning and deliveries.
The fund will allow us to test the latest eco-friendly solutions and gradually integrate the most effective ones in our operations.
My vision is for our global store network to be carbon neutral in 2020. It’s an exciting objective that really stimulates our creativity!