Sephora CARES program in U.S. reaffirms commitment to fighting domestic violence

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Following the loss of two Sephora employees in 2017, the North American subsidiary of Sephora took action to combat the plague of domestic violence. A year later, the Maison introduced Sephora CARES, a specific initiative developed within the scope of its Sephora Stands social and environmental impact programs. Sephora CARES is structured around building awareness of the issue, training on how to help victims, and individual support. Sephora’s strong engagement is especially important during a period when people are confined to their homes and reports of domestic violence incidents are on the rise.


Domestic violence has increased during the period of lockdown. In some areas, reports of increased domestic violence incidents have risen up to 40%.

To address this alarming situation, the U.S. subsidiary of Sephora has reaffirmed its commitment to fighting this plague thanks to an inhouse program called Sephora CARES. Developed over several months, the program was launched across the country in October 2018 in conjunction with domestic violence month. Sephora CARES aims to assist employees facing domestic violence and to help those around them provide effective support. The three pillars of the Sephora CARES effort are awareness, training and support.

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The first step is to communicate the initiative and make information on resources available to all Sephora family members. A database of local support organizations has been organized by store location across the U.S., along with helpline numbers to report incidents. The company also took steps to educate people about domestic violence and how to recognize possible signs.

The second pillar, training, is designed to empower teams to support colleagues who are victims. Videos feature domestic violence professionals to enable colleagues and team leaders to effectively listen to victims, support them and connect them with resources to address the issue. Special focus is placed on training for managers, who are in the position to aid victims working at Sephora by being a bridge to the support they need.

The third pillar, support, involves direct help for victims. Sephora CARES provides financial assistance through the Sephora Stands Together Fund, and counseling is made available. The program connects victims with local domestic violence agencies and offers a place in a shelter  to get the individual support they need.

Sephora CARES has helped numerous employees since the introduction of the program. However, this is an issue that cannot be addressed without long-term efforts, which is why Sephora is reaffirming its commitment to pursuing support for victims and bringing the issue of domestic violence to light.