Sephora launches collection of beauty guides

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A recognized expert in beauty rituals, products and techniques, Sephora is sharing insider tips in a new collection of beauty guides. The first in the series, published in fall 2014, is entitled “Le Manuel Militant des Coquettes” (“The Militant Manual for Coquettes”).

Made In Sephora, the brand’s very own makeup and beauty care line, has now added a publishing house. Loyal to its vocation of being the laboratory where the needs and wishes of modern women are discovered and distilled, Sephora decided to publish its first beauty guide. Available only from Sephora stores in France, the book is written for women of all ages who aren’t shy about parading their coquettish side and looking fabulous, promoting an authentic vision of beauty that leaves complexes at the door.

The seven chapters in “Le Manuel Militant des Coquettes” cover tips from makeup pros and techniques from Sephora beauty experts on how to look radiantly stunning in every situation. There are also scientific and historical anecdotes on the art of tattoos, nail polish and pigments. With photos by Zoé Kovaks and Guillaume Servet and illustrations signed Carole Wilmet, this contemporary beauty manifesto is a fun and original way to take the Sephora experience into a new dimension.