Soin Noir: technology concentrate

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A decade ago, Laboratoires Parfums Givenchy introduced Soin Noir, an exceptional skincare product whose active ingredient is a very rare and little-known algae. In a never-ending quest for perfection, the House this year presented the second generation of this remarkable serum.

Extracted from the depths of the oceans, Vital Algae holds the secret of infinite regeneration, essential to survival in extremely hostile environments. Unique, rare and intriguing, this ingredient naturally caught the attention of Laboratoires Parfums Givenchy, which extracted the black sap. The sole active ingredient in the first generation of Le Soin Noir, black algae sap acts directly on the skin’s cells. Building on this discovery, Givenchy labs continued to seek rejuvenating sources from the seas, leading to the discovery of another ancient algae, from which it extracted the golden brown sap. The blend of these two active ingredients – gold and black – figures at the heart of the new generation Le Soin Noir formula.

This cream culminates dozens of years of research, leading to one of the most advanced formulations ever designed to regenerate and protect the skin. The black sap restores cellular communication, which tends to diminish as the skin ages. It optimizes the ability of cells to reconstruct, thus protecting and repairing the skin. The sap stimulates production of type I and type III collagen, visibly firming and hydrating the skin. The golden sap stops the aging of fibroblasts at the center of the dermal layer, restoring their rejuvenated cellular properties while stimulating oxygenation and cellular renewal for the entire epidermis. This essence of rare algae is a serum that reverses the march of time.

Encased in the iconic jars reserved to Parfums Givenchy expert skincare, the new generation cream retains the deep black hue of the range, imparted by the key molecules in the formulation. Thanks to a softer, velvety texture, applying the cream becomes a luxurious ritual, using a specially designed spatula included with each jar. The technique combines smoothing action and massaging of pressure points to decongest puffiness, relax facial features and improve circulation. Le Soin Noir is an extraordinary holistic experience, the fruit of years of research and passion from Laboratoires Parfums Givenchy.