Stella McCartney revolutionizes fashion with world’s first sustainable BioSequins material

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Stella McCartney has debuted an exclusive and pioneering creation on the cover of the April 2023 edition of Vogue magazine. The jumpsuit worn by model, eco-activist and House friend Cara Delevingne is made using BioSequins, a biodegradable and non-toxic material innovated from plant-based cellulose, using no metals, minerals or synthetic pigments or colorants.

“Who says sustainability can’t be sexy? Cara is breathtaking in this rare, precious garment and I am so grateful that Vogue has given us the platform to share it and inspire others to see the potential of a more  conscious future of fashion.” – Stella McCartney.

A pioneer in sustainable and conscious luxury, the British Maison champions bold values and is committed to having a positive impact on the environment. It has ambitions to use only recycled, recyclable and biobased alternatives. The fashion industry is a massive contributor to the world’s plastic problem. British women, for example, purchase 33 million sequined garments each festive season, of which 1.7 million end up in landfill after being worn just five times. Some 35% of microplastics released into the world’s oceans come from synthetic clothing.

Collaborating with Radiant Matter – a startup that is developing a new generation of color and material solutions for the circular economy – brings the House one step closer to its goals. Since 2010 Stella McCartney has been a PVC-free brand, including the sequins it uses in its collections.

“We have loved Stella McCartney’s uncompromising approach to sustainability and aesthetics, which are reflected in any decision, down to the fabric and thread  choice, resulting in a stunning yet fully plant-derived garment.” — Elissa Brunato, founder of Radiant Matter.