Sun Song, Cactus Garden and Afternoon Swim, three new fragrance creations from Louis Vuitton inspired by California summer

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Louis Vuitton continues its journey of beautiful fragrance-inspired emotions with three new creations that bridge eau de parfum and cologne. A sun-drenched triptych that leaves an impression of endless summer on the skin.

In 2016 Louis Vuitton reinvented its fragrance universe with the creation of exceptional perfumes conceived as invitations to a journey and unexplored emotions. For its latest scented quest, the Maison captures the essence of summer, innovating with Cologne Perfumes.

Louis Vuitton Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud set out to strike the perfect balance between the spontaneity of Colognes and the sophistication of perfume. “I dreamed of creating a perfume with airiness. Locating the sensitive frontier between a pleasant but fleeting summer eau and the permanence of a perfume that expresses itself on the skin.”

© Louis Vuitton

The Cologne Perfumes are an ideal alliance between the lightness of a citrus mist and the depth of flowers. These “perfumes of light”, as the Master Perfumer calls them, evoke the California summer with long stretches of beaches, unique light and a ubiquitous spirit of freedom. Sun Song sings of beautiful weather, illuminated by orange blossom, accentuated and caressed by citron and musk notes. Cactus Garden invites maté, the singular and exotic tea, accompanied by bergamot and lemongrass. A wave of well-being, Afternoon Swim elevates the orange, joined by bergamot and mandarin.

The final touch for this scented trio of summer celebration is packaging created by multimedia artist and Los Angeles native Alex Israel. The artist imaged each of the fragrances as a touchstone of his universe, where summer is experienced through the lens of sunglasses, the promise of a road trip on California highways, or the power of the Pacific waves.