TAG Heuer presents “TAG Heuer Carrera: The Race Never Stops”, a book celebrating the history of the iconic TAG Heuer Carrera timepiece

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TAG Heuer has published an exceptional book entitled “TAG Heuer Carrera: The Race Never Stops”, a tribute to the history of the luxury watchmaker’s iconic TAG Heuer Carrera timepiece.  

With six captivating chapters, each covering a decade in the Carrera’s existence, the book is much more than a simple retrospective, testifying to the enduring charm and significance of a true horological masterpiece. From the sixties to the present, “TAG Heuer Carrera: The Race Never Stops” retraces the evolution of the watch, showcasing its impact on the world of watchmaking and recounting the story of one of TAG Heuer’s most coveted models.  


The pages reveal the ultimate TAG Heuer Carrera catalogue, an encyclopedic journey through the world of Carrera watches that spotlights the most significant models from 1963 to 2023. Essential information about each watch – including the movement, creation date, nickname and diameter, plus exclusive photos – makes the book a reference for collectors and enthusiasts alike.  

This commemorative book invites experts, connoisseurs and watchmaking aficionados to delve deeper into the world of this revered timepiece. “TAG Heuer Carrera: the Race Never Stops” is set to become an essential addition to any watch connoisseur’s library. In addition to a dynamic journey through TAG Heuer’s history, it offers a window into the world of a unique heritage.