Tasting Sound: a new multisensory Krug x Music experience

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The Maison of Krug has debuted an unprecedented Champagne experience that brings together a collective of Krug Lover artists around the first-ever collaborative Krug Echoes musical compositions.  

The Maison of Krug has launched Tasting Sound, a multisensory music-pairing experience that invites Krug Lovers to travel into the creation of the new Éditions of Krug Grande Cuvée and Krug Rosé.  

Five Krug Lover artists were inspired to translate their tasting sensations into music with two new Krug Echoes, musical compositions that accompany a glass of Krug: Joseph’s Theme: Dream Variation with Krug Grande Cuvée 171ème Édition and Joseph’s Theme: Freedom Variation with Krug Rosé 27ème Édition. 

From October, Krug Lovers can discover the Tasting Sound experience in Krug Studio pop-ups around the world, as well as at home through limited edition offers. This unique experience fuses the pleasures of the palate with the magic of music, bringing a new dimension to enjoying Krug champagne. 

The Krug Studio expands the tasting experience by pairing champagne with music, proposing an unforgettable multisensory adventure for Krug Lovers. Krug’s spirit of community and the pleasure of fruitful encounters are universally shared – from the winemaking team to Krug Lovers – all inspired by a desire to partake in unforgettable sensorial discoveries. 

Upcoming Krug Studio pop-ups: 

Japan Oct. 3rd  to Oct. 9th 

Italy Oct. 18th to Oct. 24th  

Hong Kong Nov. 20th to Dec. 3rd

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