The Edge by TAG Heuer, a podcast and online magazine for a deep dive into time

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the edge

A pioneer in precision timekeeping, master watchmaker TAG Heuer has unveiled The Edge, an exciting new listening and reading experience for a deep dive into Time, featuring conversations with extraordinary people and explorations at the edge of possibility. 

In its new series of podcasts and an online magazine, TAG Heuer emboldens us to push past the boundaries of reason and leave our limits behind to forge forward with avant-garde spirit.
The legendary watchmaker, whose technical mastery has always been intimately linked with high-velocity sports and precision, is the ideal companion for an enriching journey through time and around the world, unified by the quest for performance.

TAG Heuer has been at the avant-garde of watchmaking since 1860, retaining the innovating spirit of founder Edouard Heuer and his insistence on mastering and measuring time with extreme precision.

For 160 years, TAG Heuer has demonstrated a pure avant-garde spirit in watchmaking and a commitment to innovation with groundbreaking technologies such as the oscillating pinion for mechanical chronometers in 1887, the Mikrographe in 1916, the first self-winding chronograph movement – caliber 11 – in 1969 and the first luxury connected watch in 2015. For over a century, TAG Heuer has passionately inspired our quest to push our limits. Because to achieve victories you need to surpass yourself.

This is the perfect time for the watchmaker to treat collectors and aficionados of technological elegance on their wrist to exclusive explorations of the thirst to take it to the next level.

The Edge is for reading in the form of an online magazine, translated into four languages with new articles dropping each week. The compelling content includes conversations with extraordinary people, “24 hours with…” remarkable achievers, “An Unexpected time”, revealing fresh dimensions of iconic cities, and a celebration of “Heritage”, retracing TAG Heuer’s sporting legacy, exploring moments that echo its spirit of “Don’t Crack Under Pressure”. This experiential magazine is a veritable gold mine for all those avid for inspiration to surpass their limits.

The Edge is for listening too. Available on all podcast platforms, the monthly podcast connects with extraordinary guests – from athletes to actors and artists to entrepreneurs – who talk about how they challenge time, the risks they take and their desire for performance and victory.

Hosted by Teo van den Broeke, Style and Grooming Director of British GQ, these soul-searching conversations bring listeners inspiring sources of fuel to get them in the zone and leave their limits in the dust.
Actor turned racing driver Patrick Dempsey opens the podcast, answering questions about how he deals with pressure, and the processes he goes through to improve his performance. The answers from this engaging polymath are particularly galvanizing.  “You want to find the edge, but you don’t want to go over the edge. That’s the balance, that self-preservation.” And “Look in the mirror and take a good look at yourself, get your ego out of the way and don’t let all those demons get in the way.”

The next episode promises to be equally inspiring when The Edge welcomes legendary surfer Kai Lenny.

In these times of imposed immobility and forced freeze-frames, this journey with TAG Heuer at the controls takes us far beyond our day-to-day confines.