The environment at LVMH, by Sylvie Bénard



For over two decades, the Environment Department at LVMH has, year after year, contributed to reducing the environmental impact of the Group and its Houses. To coincide with the European Commission’s Green Week 2015, Sylvie Bénard, Corporate Environment Director, talks to us about the initiatives rolled out since 1992.

Since 1992 and the Earth Summit in Rio, which she attended on behalf of Hennessy, Sylvie Bénard had headed the Environment Department at LVMH, which she helped to create. For over 20 years, her enthusiastic approach has enabled the Group to make considerable progress in environmental protection. That progress has been achieved as part of LIFE – short for LVMH Indicators For the Environment – an action programme based on nine key themes* that in 2015 was integrated in the strategic plan of the Group’s 70 Houses.

For Green Week 2015, the environment week organised by the European Commission and in which LVMH is involved, Sylvie Bénard presents in video form the philosophy that guides the Group in environmental matters. “The day when everyone understands the impact of their actions on the environment, then life will be beautiful,” she says.

* The themes covered by the LIFE programme:

– Environmental considerations to be included in design;

– Safeguarding access to responsibly sourced raw materials;

– Material and product traceability and compliance;

– Environmental and social responsibility of suppliers;

– Protection of critical know-how;

– CO2 impact of activities;

– Environmental excellence of production process activities;

– Development sustainable and repairable products;

– Well-handled clients’ requests in relation with environment.