“The Story Behind ME” reveals LVMH Métiers d’Excellence



Have you ever wondered what makes the desirability and the longevity of our most iconic products? Is this due to the manufacturing secrets preciously guarded within our Houses, sometimes for centuries? Or the talent of a single creative visionary capable of inventing or reinventing everything each season? Or to the person who makes it? Sells it?

The Story Behind ME series, broadcast exclusively on our social networks, lifts the veil on this mystery… By meeting the people who contribute to the desirability of our products every day.

In the succession of three stories that form a single one, we discover the face, the intelligence, the keen eye, the hands, the sensibility of women and men who pass on from one generation to the next, from one métier to another, the passion for beauty, for timeless quality, for various skills so patiently acquired and optimized so much so they become an art…

Each talent is the custodian of one of the 280 Métiers d’Excellence within the LVMH Group. Whether it is creation, craftsmanship or customer experience, they all maintain a permanent dialogue that ensures that our products are not just products, that our products have a soul. Some of these Métiers d’Excellence have a centuries-old tradition, and they all write their future with the passion that drives their daily work.

Meet Lucia Silvestri, Bulgari Creative Director, Massimo di Valentini, Director of the Prototyping and Fine Jewellery Workshop, and Sergio Scudellari, Sales Manager. They each unveil a facet of the Serpenti Necklace, the iconic piece of the House Bulgari. And what if the mystery was hidden in the links of this human value chain to which each person contributes, playing an essential role alongside the others?