Third edition of You & ME tour kicks off to present LVMH Métiers d’Excellence : focus on the dates of this new edition



You & ME, the LVMH  traveling vocational orientation and recruitment event, is back on tour from January 31st to March 27th, proposing some 3,500 employment opportunities in “Métiers d’Excellence”, spanning creative, craft and client experience skills. The final step of the tour will take place in Lyon on 27 March at the Palais de la Bourse.

Launched in 2022 at Clichy-sous-bois, this initiative is designed to develop the employability of both young people and reskilling candidates in an array of skilled professions, from couturier and leather artisan to sales advisor. The tour will visit five cities in France from January 31 to March 27, followed by three Italian cities from April 5 to May 7, presenting 280 highly-skilled métiers and LVMH’s dynamic recruiting campaign.  

First stop Paris – Carreau du Temple – January 31st   

The You & ME tour kicked off at the Carreau du Temple in Paris, gathering more than 3000 visitors and attended by Chantal Gaemperle, LVMH Group Executive Vice President Human Resources and Synergies, Aurore Bergé, Junior Minister for Gender Equality and Combating Discrimination, Ouissem Belgacem, representing the association Le Refuge, and Tony Parker, ambassador of the tour.

“ I’m thrilled to be working with the Métiers d’Excellence and have a chance to tell young people that, if they are motivated and ready to work hard, they can realize their dreams and pursue a career with LVMH,” said Tony Parker, founder of the Tony Parker Adequat Academy and ambassador of the tour.  

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Visitors are invited to discover the LVMH Group’s impressive range of Métiers d’Excellence, some widely recognized, others less well-known, and learn more about the multitude of work/study programs, internships, and temporary or permanent job opportunities available. Three interactive and educational Louis Vuitton trunk installations spark curiosity right from the entrance. They present the world of leather goods around the Louis Vuitton Sac Coussin bag, watchmaking through the Hublot Big Bang Unico timepiece, and jewelry with Tiffany & Co.’s The Bird on a Rock brooch. Fact sheets detail the training programs and métiers associated with these products, and visitors can scan a QR code to take a video tour or listen to first-person stories.  

Along the way, 16 trade workshops, staffed by apprentices and trade experts, welcome participants for genuine discussions and hands-on application of know-how in participative workshops They include an introduction to embroidery with Dior Couture, exploring the customer experience at Givenchy, discovering the profession of personal shopper at Le Bon Marché, how to write in chocolate using a pastry bag with La Grande Épicerie, or the art of pastry with a virtuoso from Cheval Blanc. Meeting the apprentices and artisans is a chance to discover remarkable savoir-faire firsthand alongside experts. There are also virtual reality headsets for an immersion into the daily activities that characterize a dozen skilled métiers, including a day in the lives of a jeweler at Christian Dior, a leather goods prototype maker at Fendi, a sales advisor at Louis Vuitton or a sommelier at Belmond.  

Coaching workshops organized by human resources teams from LVMH Maisons provide concrete vocational and career guidance during coaching workshops. Presentations help people move forward towards their career objectives, offering tips on writing a resume or application letter, or how to prepare for a job interview, for example. At the end of the visit, the Perspectives area details the numerous job openings available on tablets, enabling people to apply directly at the event. Many LVMH human resources specialists are attending tour events to make it easy for people to submit a resume in person. Last but not least, the “You & ME Challenge” is an opportunity for visitors to test their knowledge and win an opportunity within a LVMH house related to the Professions of Excellence

The You & ME tour targets both young people and reskilling candidates. With 25 participating Maisons, we are engaging directly with our future talents to tell them about these amazing Métiers d’Excellence and guide them in choosing an inspiring career. We propose personalized coaching from our HR recruiters, plus an online space where anyone can prepare for an interview and apply for the latest job offers in our six business sectors. We’re absolutely delighted to once again enjoy invaluable support from Tony Parker, the ambassador of this event,” said Chantal Gaemperle, LVMH Group Executive Vice President Human Resources and Synergies.  


Second stop: Orléans – Centre des Conférences –  February 15  

The Orléans conference center was the venue for the second stop on LVMH’s You & ME tour.  

Around 1030 participants were on hand to discover LVMH’s Métiers d’Excellence, represented by seven different Maisons.  

Orléans Deputy Mayor Luc Nantier joined LVMH General Secretary Marc-Antoine Jamet and LVMH Métiers d’Excellence Director Alexandre Bocquel to welcome middle and secondary school students, as well as people interested in retraining opportunities. 

The agenda for the day included a deep dive into our specialized expertise as LVMH Recherche, Parfums Christian Dior, Guerlain, Dior Couture and Louis Vuitton hosted six Craft and Creativity workshops. The workshops centered on makeup and beauty care, as well as techniques for decorating bottles, plus couture and leather craftsmanship. Louis Vuitton and Parfums Christian Dior also shared an inside look with visitors at the essential retail skills required in the luxury and makeup sectors. 

Participants were able to speak with representatives from our partner schools and HR teams from LVMH Maisons, who shared important tips on how to get started to embark on fulfilling careers.  


Third stop: Clichy-sous-Bois – February 29

The third stop brought the You & ME tour to Clichy-Sous-Bois. This event continues a longstanding partnership between the LVMH Group and the cities of Clichy-sous-Bois and Montfermeil, welcoming large numbers of middle school and high school students from the two towns in the Seine Saint Denis area north of Paris. There were also good many people interested in discovering our savoir-faire and reskilling opportunities.

The event met with unprecedented success, drawing over 900 visitors eager to learn about our Métiers d’Excellence in Design, Craft and Client Experience professions, represented by seven Maisons: Louis Vuitton, LVMH Client Services, LVMH Recherche, Christian Dior Couture, Guerlain, Parfums Christian Dior and Sephora.

Clichy-sous-Bois Mayor Olivier Klein, Raincy Sub-Prefect Magali Daverton, and the Vice-President of the Seine-Saint-Denis Departmental Council Emmanuel Constant were welcomed by Marc-Antoine Jamet, General Secretary of LVMH, Emmanuel Tatre, LVMH Director of Social Development and Alexandre Boquel, Director of the Métiers d’Excellence LVMH.

Throughout the day participants had an opportunity to meet representatives of our partner schools and speak with HR teams from our Maisons to discover the many opportunities offered by LVMH’s Métiers d’Excellence program.


Fourth stage: Reims – Centre des Congrès – March 13

The venue for the third stop on the LVMH You & ME tour was the prestigious Centre des Congrès in Reims. 

Over 1,200 people in Reims took advantage of this chance to discover the world of LVMH’s Métiers d’Excellence, represented by seven of the Group’s iconic Maisons.

Attending the event were Marne region Prefect Henri Prevost, Reims Mayor Arnaud Robinet, Marc-Antoine Jamet, Secretary General of LVMH and Frédéric Dufour, CEO of Ruinart. They welcomed middle school and high school students, as well as reskilling candidates, all eager to learn more about fulfilling vocational opportunities and exceptional métiers anchored in unique, time-honored skills.

Five Maisons presented their savoir-faire in Reims through compelling experiences. Veuve Clicquot showcased its vineyards and the skills that go into winemaking, while Moët & Chandon transported visitors to the heart of its winemaking world. Hennessy shared its expertise in barrel-making and Louis Vuitton presented a leather goods workshop. For its part, Christian Dior Couture revealed some of the secrets of a tailoring couture atelier.

There were also four workshops dedicated to customer experience skills, providing an enriching window to the luxury sector. Both Ruinart and Parfums Christian Dior emphasized the myriad facets of rewarding careers in retail. And Moët & Chandon and Veuve Clicquot both showcased the many paths to enriching careers in the hospitality and culinary arts professions.

Pursuing its longstanding support for unique métiers d’art – applied arts and crafts – LVMH announced the renewal of its partnership with the Rencontres Economiques des Métiers d’Art forum, the second edition of which will take place in Reims on June 17, 2024, under the high patronage of the President of the French Republic. Maison Ruinart will also be participating in this event.


Fifth stop: Lyon – Palais de la Bourse – March 27

For its final stop in France, the You & ME tour organized by LVMH Métiers d’Excellence visited Lyon. Over 1,530 visitors streamed into the event during the day, eager to discover career opportunities in the Group’s many creative, craft and customer experience métiers.

Nine LVMH Maisons were on hand for this last French stage of the tour. The program included workshops in leather making, draping couture, jewelry and watchmaking. These professions are all thriving in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region surrounding Lyon, supported by partnerships between LVMH’s Institut des Métiers d’Excellence and the Haute École de Joaillerie jewelry school in Lyon and Maison Christian Dior, as well as the presence of LVMH watchmaking brands.

Visitors enjoyed a firsthand look at a variety of LVMH Métiers d’Excellence during the day, from pastry chef and governess to leather artisan and jeweler. Louis Vuitton, Hennessy, Christian Dior Couture, Dior Joaillerie, Cheval Blanc Paris, Bulgari, Hublot and Ruinart proposed experiences around craft and creative professions, while Louis Vuitton, Sephora and Parfums Christian Dior spotlighted the special skills applied in luxury retail.

The event was honored by the presence of You & ME Tour sponsor Tony Parker, accompanied by Audrey Hénocque, first deputy mayor of Lyon in charge of municipal finances, contracts and events. Also attending were Emeline Baume, vice-president of the greater Lyon conurbation, Olivier Dugrip, rector of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region and Lyon, Marc Drouet, director of cultural affairs for the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region,  and Frédérique Toubeau, regional director of the France Travail state employment agency. They were welcomed by Marc-Antoine Jamet, secretary general of LVMH, and Alexandre Boquel, director of LVMH Métiers d’Excellence.

The LVMH You & ME tour welcomed a record 7,700 plus visitors this year in France, underscoring the tremendous appeal of the Group’s Métiers d’Excellence.

The You & ME tour continues in Italy beginning April 5. Visitors can register at 


First stop in Italy – Florence : 

LVMH Métiers d’Excellence kicks off the second Italian edition of the You&ME tour in Florence on April 5 and 6, an opportunity for the Group to attract potential future employees who wish to work in craftsmanship, design, and customer experience roles (sales, hospitality and much more). Following a successful tour in France that attracted more than 7,700 visitors, the event will continue in three Italian cities in April and May 2024. Launched in 2022 in France, followed for the first edition in Italy in 2023, this initiative gives to young generations and people seeking reskilling opportunities the chance to discover over 280 exceptionally skilled professions practiced across the LVMH group.

The first stop of this tour took place on April 5th in Florence at Tepidarium del Roster – Giardino dell’Orticoltura and will continue the following day. On Friday morning, April 5th, Toni Belloni, LVMH Group Managing Director, Damien Bertrand, CEO Loro Piana, Paola Faccioli, CEO Cova, Giulio Bergamaschi, CEO Acqua di Parma, Leonardo Marras, regional councillor for Tuscany, Giovanni Bettarini, councilor of the municipality of Florence and Alexandre Boquel, Director of LVMH Métiers d’Excellence were present for the official opening in which Paola Frassinetti, Secretary of State at the Italian Ministry of Education, sent a video message to the audience. The You&ME tour will then proceed to Padua on April 24th and for the first time to Naples on May 7th, highlighting the Group’s engagement in supporting the young generations in an area with high unemployment rate.

For this second edition, the tour has received the patronage of local municipalities, reflecting their commitment alongside the Métiers d’Excellence to promote these professions, which are essential not only for the LVMH group, but also for the Italian savoir-faire ecosystem. “The You&ME tour is back in Italy with a second edition starting in Florence on April 5! With 17 Maisons involved, we’re going to meet our future talents to help them discover our more than 280 métiers centered on unique Italian savoir-faire and ensure the transmission of these professions through the generations. From leather goods, jewelry, or the shoe industry to retail and hospitality…they will be able to meet and discuss with the artisans from the Maisons, as well as the HR representatives to accompany them in their career choices.” says Chantal Gaemperle, Director of Human Resources and Synergies at LVMH Group. Visitors will also be able to explore the 26 training courses offered by the LVMH Institute of Métiers d’Excellence and discuss with the teams from its 23 partner schools in Italy.

For those interested, it will be possible to hold short interviews with HR representatives of the various Maisons involved and apply directly for job offers corresponding to their career plans. The dedicated website is open for everyone looking for more information about LVMH’s Métiers d’Excellence as well as offering direct application opportunities for job offers and training programs.

To take part in one of the three dates of this second Italian edition of the You& ME tour, you can register directly on the dedicated pages of the website, in the ‘Events’ section. These nomadic events are open to both students and general public, as well as to anyone interested in Métiers d’Excellence and the training and employment opportunities offered by the LVMH Group. Within these spaces, visitors will have an opportunity to interact with students of the LVMH Institute of Métiers d’Excellence and métiers experts of the Maisons during hands-on workshops; immerse themselves into LVMH Maisons through about ten virtual reality videos; and learn even more about these professions thanks to a new collection of educational and interactive display trunks.

The Métiers d’Excellence – Key figures :

– More than 100,000 employees (including 7000 in Italy) have a job function within the LVMH Métiers d’Excellence (Design, Craftsmanship, Customer Experience) worldwide.

– Globally, LVMH recruited more than 10,000 employees in these roles in 2023.

“You and ME” Italy 2024 tour – dates :

  • – April 5 and 6 – Florence – Tepidarium del Roster
    – April 24 – Padua – Centro Culturale Altinate San Gaetano
    – May 7 – Naples – Made in Cloister, a foundation high involved in supporting craftsmanship and art.


2nd stop in Italy  – Padua  

The second stop of the “You & ME” tour in Italy took place at the Centro Culturale Altinate San Gaetano in Padua.

Nine LVMH Maisons took part in this second event in Italy, each showcasing exceptional expertise during specialized workshops. Acqua di Parma hosted a workshop on the art of barbering and customer experience, while Thélios presented its expertise in crafting eyewear.

LVMH Métiers d’Art wowed visitors with metal accessories during a workshop by M.ON.DE Metal-on-Demand, which produces small metal parts for accessories. Rossimoda shared footwear manufacturing expertise and Dior proposed an exclusive look at its couture activities. Bulgari revealed the secrets behind its sophisticated silk creations. Louis Vuitton also made a big impression with a presentation of shoes and eyewear craftsmanship. DFS highlighted the art of heightening the customer experience, and Belmond organized a workshop featuring an expert barman.

Participants had opportunities to speak with representatives of LVMH partner schools and HR teams from the Maisons, who shared useful tips on getting ready for future careers.

Next stop is Naples on May 7.


3rd stop in Italy – Naples

For its third and final stop in Italy, the You and Me tour was in Naples on May 7 at the Fondazione Made in Cloister. The event proved a resounding success, welcoming over 1,300 visitors.

The You & ME tour drew a total of more than 12,000 visitors in 2024 – 4,400 in Italy and 7,700 in France.

The last stop in Naples featured seven LVMH Maisons, each spotlighting their distinctive savoir-faire with targeted workshops. Berluti introduced participants to the art of bespoke shoemaking. Dior proposed a behind-the-scenes look at how leather goods are made. Bulgari hosted a workshop featuring its fine jewelry techniques, and Fendi organized a workshop around an exclusive haute couture presentation.

Belmond highlighted the essential role played by the concierge in the guest experience, and Sephora shared insights around its expertise in providing personalized beauty advice and customer service. Last but not least, Louis Vuitton welcomed visitors to a workshop on high-end footwear craftsmanship. The unique savoir-faire of each of the Maisons helped create an immersive experience reflecting the excellence of Italian design.