“Timeless”: LVMH Maisons retrace stories of iconic products and matchless savoir-faire



Have you ever wondered how an icon is born?

As a turbulent period prods us to challenge our lifestyles and unsettles our relationship with time, LVMH proposes an insightful look at the notion of timelessness through a celebration of icons from our Maisons. These unique creations have over decades and sometimes centuries achieved the seemingly impossible balance between past, present and future.

“Timeless”, a new series of animated and illustrated videos now available on the LVMH Instagram account, examines the origins of iconic products and the ancestral know-how behind them. The videos recount how these icons have evolved and why they continue to delight and amaze today with their contemporary relevance.


In this new IGTV series, LVMH shines a light with help from an illustrator on the mythic origins of creations and craft techniques from its Maisons that have transcended eras, trends and fashions, taking root in our collective imagination to become cultural beacons.

The stories in each episode express the values of excellence, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit that LVMH and all its Maisons share. They also echo their longstanding commitment to preserving and passing on a heritage of unique savoir-faire.

The episodes in the “Timeless” series playfully unfold to present a symbol, product or technique and invite viewers to guess the subject by gradually revealing clues. A collage of illustrations, photos, text, music and animation, the series is a poetic experience where colors have a taste, memories have a sent, and words have a melody.

The series fittingly debuts with five episodes this summer, an interlude when time seems to stand still. The first episode pays tribute to the serpent symbol that has inspired the iconic Serpenti creations of Maison Bvlgari. Revisited in myriad shapes and colors, the snake has been the Roman jeweler’s symbol for more than a century.

But how and why did it become such a powerful source of inspiration for Bvlgari?

Don’t wait to find out, and discover other compelling stories and myths from LVMH Maisons in our new series, “Timeless”.

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🎙Sound on! Wherever you are, experience a special getaway with the Group and its Maisons. We’re now taking you on a special trip back to the origins of the Serpent emblem in the creations of @Bulgari with the first episode of our Timeless series. Since its creation in the 1940s, Serpenti has become Bvlgari’s most seminal motif, evolving and reemerging in designs ever after. From its first iteration to its current reimagining, Serpenti has drawn attention to the Roman’s Jeweler incomparable creativity and savoir-faire. But why choose the Serpent as a symbol and source of inspiration? Learn more with Timeless about the mythical story behind this iconic emblem 🐍 #Serpenti #Bvlgari #Timeless #LVMH

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