A Toast to the World’s Preeminent Spirit, an entertaining book on the Hennessy saga

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Hennessy: A Toast to the World’s Preeminent Spirit retraces the history of the celebrated Cognac producer and icon of French art de vivre. The remarkable saga of Hennessy clearly deserves an exceptional telling unlike conventional coffee table books. Hennessy gave carte blanche to the inimitable Glenn O’Brien, whose distinctive perspective is accompanied by contributions from such cultural luminaries as rapper Nas, designer Arik Levy and street artist Shepard Fairey to reveal the myriad facets of a brand founded in 1765.

© Hennessy

Offbeat insights

Published by Rizzoli, this unique book blends the talents of writer Glenn O’Brien – known for his iconoclastic style and widely followed “The Style Guy” column in GQ magazine – and French painter and illustrator Jean-Philippe Delhomme. Departing from conventional brand monographs, Glenn O’Brien immersed himself in the world of Hennessy to offer a backstage look infused with his irresistible humor.

© Hennessy

Artistic visions

An impressive lineup of artists who are friends of Hennessy – including Shepard Fairey, Nas, Futura, Fab 5 Freddy, Arik Levy and Todd Selby – add their lively personal takes to the book. Painters, designers, rappers and photographers share their vision of Hennessy and their special affinity with the Cognac house. Their interviews, quotes and anecdotes about favorite products alternate with Jean-Philippe Delhomme’s suave illustrations and Glenn O’Brien’s entertaining text to reveal the multiple facets of Hennessy. The result is a book like a captivating Impressionist tableau, brimming with creativity and passion. The book also presents Cognac cocktail recipes and never-before-seen images from Hennessy archives.