“Unfinished Business” initiative by Hennessy in the US supports minority small business entrepreneurs to surmount Covid-19 crisis

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The health crisis triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic has unleashed both economic and social crises, imperiling numerous businesses. Hennessy is responding with a commitment to provide financial support for small businesses in the United States that are bearing a disproportionate share of the consequences of the crisis through an initiative called “Unfinished Business”. The program will support small businesses owned by Black, Hispanic and Asian Americans that have been hit especially hard by the crisis.


Even as the spread of the coronavirus slows in many regions of the world, the economic crisis it triggered is affecting large numbers of people. Forced to shut down for long weeks, businesses in a multitude of sectors have had to close their doors permanently.

To help safeguard against these closures, Hennessy has announced the Unfinished Business initiative in the US to provide financial support for small businesses impacted by the crisis. A platform enables small business entrepreneurs to register to obtain aid to meet urgent needs. The platform also provides access to information and educational content to help them maintain continuity in managing the crisis.

Small businesses are an essential part of the economic fabric and those run by minorities have borne a disproportionate share of the losses. Hennessy has therefore provided relief directly to communities through three national organizations: One Hundred Black Men of America, the Asian American Business Development Center and the Hispanic Federation. These organizations will distribute funds directly at the community level to businesses they already support.

Unfinished Business not only supports small business entrepreneurs, but also the communities they serve, which is why Hennessy is committed to an initiative that reflects the pivotal role they play.

“Hennessy has always valued the spirit of resilience and this is what these small businesses represent. We do not want these pillars of community to succumb to the current global pandemic and are offering our support to help them continue pushing forward,” said Laurent Boillot, Chief Executive Officer, Hennessy.

As part of Unfinished Business, the Cognac house will also offset the impact of the crisis by providing financial aid for the hospitality industry, helping small restaurants and bars, who figure among its key partners, to reboot their business despite the crisis. This initiative aims to support small businesses for the long term thanks to continued donations.

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