Veuve Clicquot celebrates 45th anniversary of Business Woman Award

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On Tuesday, November 21st, Veuve Clicquot presented its 45th Business Woman Award to Sarah Lavoine, interior designer and founder of Maison Sarah Lavoine. The Prix Clémentine was given to Bénédicte de Raphélis Soissan, founder of the startup Clustree.

Veuve Clicquot once again celebrated women entrepreneurs at the 2017 Business Woman Award ceremony, which took place at the Automobile Club de France in Paris. Created in 1972 to mark the bicentennial of the Maison, the award recognizes women with exceptional entrepreneurial spirit and pays tribute to Madame Clicquot, founder of the Champagne house and a trailblazing businesswoman. “This award celebrates remarkable women who have shown entrepreneurial initiative and innovated, women who inspire us with their vision, their creativity and above all their bold achievements,” said Jean-Marc Gallot, President of Maison Veuve Clicquot.

For the 45th anniversary of the Business Woman Award the jury of 400 people – including LVMH executives, prominent industry and decision leaders and previous winners – chose Sarah Lavoine and Bénédicte de Raphélis Soissan, in attendance of Chantal Gaemperle, LVMH Group Executive Vice President Human Resources & Synergies, Delphine Arnault, Executive Vice-President of Louis Vuitton and Philippe Schaus, Chief Executive Officer of Moët Hennessy.

Sarah Lavoine, Business Woman Award winner, Bénédicte de Raphélis Soissan, winner of the Prix Clémentine

An interior designer known for a style synonymous with elegant Parisian taste expressing a contemporary aesthetic and artisanal excellence, Sarah Lavoine created her studio in 2002. Putting art de vivre at the core of her booming business, she was soon recognized as one of the world’s top designers, with a brand sold at 70 partner stores internationally, opening her own “Maison” on Place des Victoires in Paris, in late 2016. “Receiving the Veuve Clicquot Business Woman Award is a tremendous honor. Veuve Clicquot is an inspiring figure on many levels, for her uncompromising standards as well as her daring in breaking established codes,” says Sarah Lavoine.

Created in 2014, the Prix Clémentine – named after Madame Clicquot’s daughter – recognizes women who Veuve Clicquot sees as the coming generation of businesswomen. This year’s Prix Clémentine was given to Bénédicte de Raphélis Soissan, founder of Clustree, a human resources recommendation platform that allows businesses to recruit from a greater diversity of profiles thanks to artificial intelligence.

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