Video tour of Guerlain’s La Ruche site

Perfumes & Cosmetics


Inaugurated at the beginning of February, La Ruche is Guerlain’s new production site for Makeup and Skincare. The state-of-the-art site meets demanding pharmaceutical industry standards, as well the most exacting environmental norms. The new facility will support Guerlain’s ambitious development program for the coming 40 years. Join us for a video tour of an exemplary site.

Guerlain’s new production site, La Ruche (which means “beehive” in French) will let the House meet growing demand for skincare and makeup. The site combines new-generation technology and well over a century of savoir-faire. Located at Chartres in the heart of Cosmetic Valley, where Guerlain has been established since 1974, La Ruche carries on the brand’s proud tradition of “Made in France”.

This immersive video takes you right into the heart of the new site where iconic products like Terracotta, Meteorites, KissKiss Abeille Royale are made.