Welcome to the Institut Guerlain

Perfumes & Cosmetics


For Parisiansand visitors to the City of Light, a special address has since 1939 been synonymous with the ultimate in refined skin treatment. At 68, avenue des Champs Elysées, the Institut Guerlain offers an exceptional experience. Take a relaxing tour.

The mythic Maison Guerlain at 68 Champs Elysées, which received a complete makeover at the end of 2013, is home to a universe dedicated entirely to well-being, the Institut Guerlain. The first temple of beauty in the world – and registered as a historical monument since 2005 – boasts a décor signed by the leading designers of their time, from Jean-Michel Frank, Christian Bérard to Diego Giacometti. Boldly luxurious without a trace of ostentation, the renovated the Institut, with its sleek, sober style, has always been a haven of peacefulness amidst the tumult of the city.

Located on the first floor, the space instantly amazes upon arrival. Customers discover a winter garden with orchids in a bow window bathed in light, overlooking the Champs Elysées. Comfortably seated on plush sofas, they are first introduced to the ritual of slippers, then invited to try a selection of Guerlain teas, accompanied by sweets from chef Guy Martin. After this, their personal beauty expert leads them to one of the nine fully renovated treatment rooms. Decorated in marble and onyx, each promises a parentheses of intimate well-being.

At the Institut Guerlain, all treatments are made-to-measure following an interview during which each word and gesture has its importance. After a detailed analysis and open, attentive and frank dialogue between the Guerlain beauty expert and the customer, a personalized combination of treatments is proposed, melding special Guerlain products and unique protocols with traditional beauty massage rituals. These treatments include “listening to the body” and “imperial relaxation” rituals, and the emblematic “Guerlain Massage”.

From the first minute of the ritual to the end, the leitmotif is personal care from Guerlain experts, whose empathy, respect and unrivalled professionalism guarantee an unforgettable beauty experience.