With its SHOW ME event, LVMH Métiers d’Excellence celebrates its Italian talents in creation, craftsmanship and customer experience through a unique savoir-faire journey



SHOW ME Italy is back in Florence for a third edition to celebrate the Italian ecosystem of talents in Creation, Craftsmanship and Customer Experience at LVMH – Italy being home to six of the Group’s iconic Maisons (Acqua di Parma, Bulgari, Cova, Fendi, Loro Piana, and Pucci), as well as 35 local manufacturing sites from LVMH’s Maisons. The Group invited more than 500 guests to experience the diversity of Italian Savoir-Faire through an event designed as a travel journey with workshops and exhibitions celebrating the best of Italy’s savoir-faire and putting the light on students who are the future of our professions.  

SHOW ME Italy 2023, which took place at the Manifattura Tabacchi in Florence where Métiers d’Excellence opened its new office for Italy, highlighted the commitments of LVMH, its Maisons, partner schools and associations to safeguard its savoir-faire and ensure the intergenerational transmission of skilled métiers.  

The event provided a chance to confirm the Métiers d’Excellence ambitions and strong results in Italy in 2023.  

  • With the “Excellent!” program, LVMH explained and presented its know-how to 1,531 students from Middle schools  
  • “You and ME”, a tour that enables candidates to identify targeted training programs and job opportunities, made three stops in Italy in Firenze, Novara and Padova and welcomed more than 3000 visitors. 
  • Thanks to the Métiers d’Excellence Institute active in Italy since 2017, the Group has trained 730 apprentices in the country.   

The 2023-2024 year has a record-breaking cohort of 422 new Métiers d’Excellence apprentices in Italy who will benefit from the Institute’s programs.   

With A host of speakers – including Chantal Gaemperle, LVMH Executive Vice President Human Resources and Synergies, Giulio Bergamaschi, Acqua Di Parma’s CEO this edition has emphasized the key role played by Italian savoir-faire within LVMH, which collaborates with a local ecosystem of over 200,000 people. The celebration closed with a ceremony honoring the third class of LVMH Virtuosos who were handed brooches made by Maison Tiffany, the Italian apprentices who completed their courses at the Métiers d’Excellence Institute and were awarded their Certificate of Excellence and the students of “Scuola di Modelleria” of the ME Academy. 

“We were pioneers in the recognition of skilled trades with the creation of the Métiers d’Excellence Institute nearly 10 years ago. Today, our Métiers d’Excellence programs make us one of the world’s leading know-how transmission ecosystems. In Italy, new initiatives like the “You and ME Tour” illustrate our long-term commitment to attract a new generation to our métiers. We expect to recruit over 2, 500 people in savoir-faire professions in Italy over the next two years and we are delighted that more than 400 new apprentices will be trained by the Italian Métiers d’Excellence Institute this year,” says Chantal Gaemperle, EVP Human Resources & Synergies, LVMH. 

During the event, guests were invited to participate to active workshops showcasing the diversity of Métiers d’Excellence of LVMH’s Maisons in Italy – such as Acqua di Parma, Belmond, Bulgari, Fendi, Loro Piana, Pucci and Thélios. The freshly nominated Virtuosos 2023 shared their savoir-faire in silk product development and quality, customer experience, shoes finishing for example. The journey involved as well the students of the ME Institute in leather goods at Polimoda, the first partner school of the Institute in Italy. Guests were also able to discover creations made by apprentices of the Métiers d’Excellence Institute during the Master Games 2023, as well as the bags created by the students of the first edition of the Scuola di Modelleria of the ME Academy. Other savoir-faire illustrating the strength of Italian eco-system, were highlighted with workshops organized by the tenants that are present at Manifattura Tabacchi – and the winners of the “Premio Maestri d’Eccellenza”, a prize created this year to promote the Italian craftsmanship worldwide. 


         Talents and Recruitment :

  • 7,000 people practice Métiers d’Excellence at LVMH in Italy. LVMH wants to recruit over 2,500 talents in Métiers d’Excellence in Italy by the end of 2025. All information can be found on: youandme.lvmh.it
  • Métiers d’Excellence LVMH has the ambition to offer lifelong learning in Creation, Crafts and Customer Experience from middle-school to end of careers, through different programs:

    Raising awareness from a young age :
  • With the “Excellent!” program, LVMH aims to inform on these exceptional professions’ existence among middle school children, change their perception and inspire vocations. Since 2021, 1531 students have been involved in the project thanks to the collaborations made with 8 Maisons from the LVMH group.Guiding students and job seekers towards LVMH’s trainings and job offers


  • The “You and ME” tour was rolled out in Italy in 2023. It stopped in Firenze, Novara and Padova to give access to Métiers d’Excellence Institute training programs and LVMH’s Maisons job offers. During this tour, more than 3,000 visitors had the opportunity to meet internal talents, see know-how demonstrations, and be coached by HR from our Maisons.Educational outreach for Métiers d’Excellence targeting younger generations and people seeking reskilling opportunities :


  • Thanks to the Métiers d’Excellence Institute active in Italy since 2017, the Group has trained 730 apprentices in the country.
  • The 2023-2024 year has a record-breaking cohort of 422 apprentices in Italy who will benefit from ME Institute programs.
  • Last year’s cohort (2022-2023):
    • 98% obtained their diploma
    • 74% obtained their “Certificate of Excellence”
    • 71% work in their field of training and a great majority within LVMH’s Maisons and their ecosystem of partners
  • In the country, the ME Institute currently has 26 different training programs with a work/study format that includes 17 made to measure programs. The Institute has 16 LVMH Maisons partners and 23 school partners. For the new academic year 2023-2024, the ME Institute offers 12 new trainings programs:
    • 5 new training programs made to measure in collaboration with Belmond Academy, dedicated to Hospitality: Culinary, Front Office, Concierge, House Keeping, Food and Beverage services in 5 different Italian Regions (Campania, Liguria, Sicily, Tuscany, Veneto).
    • 1 new training program in Jewelry in collaboration with Chaumet (BMC) and For.Al school in Piedmont region.
    • 6 new training programs in partnership with our Maisons: jewelry with Bulgari, leather goods, retail and knitwear with Fendi, shoe making with Rossimoda, and leather goods with Louis Vuitton.

Among the partnership programs, 4 are made in collaboration with Altagamma for the project “Adotta una Scuola” that aims to bring high schools students closer to the craftmanship professions. The objective is to continue developing those partnerships.

        Offering training to LVMH Group employees           throughout their careers :

  • The ME Academy launched  an internal leathergoods pattern making school in Italy in January 2023 “Scuola di Modelleria”, with 10 participants from 6 Maisons and 2 countries to develop new skills as patternmakers thanks to the more than 200 days of training, combining theory, educational courses and practical experiences in the Maisons and delivered by over 18 expert trainers and internal evaluators: an opportunity to share all types of learning and to allow the Group’s best leatherworking talents to perfect their skills.Recognizing internal talents :
  • In line with “Les Virtuosos LVMH’s program” created in 2021 to celebrate those who have attained an exceptional mastery of their métier within LVMH.

This third cohort includes 63 Virtuosos worldwide, and 18 in Italy, who embody unique savoir-faire. They will benefit from a personal development program and have an active role in passing on their craft.