Zenith: the savoir-faire of tomorrow

Watches & Jewelry


Shaped over generations, the Zenith savoir-faire is born of a 150-year-long passion for watchmaking, a subtle union of tradition and modernity that made the Swiss Manufacture one of the most celebrated watchmaking Houses of the world.

Zenith craft is in perpetual motion. It is an inspiration, a vector that drives innovation, research and creativity, as the traditions of the days past come to shape the techniques of tomorrow. Pure excellence, however, goes beyond the confines of the brand itself, it demands nurturing, and with remarkable continuity, Zenith has devoted itself to the task.

Beautiful traditions start with the watchmakers, some of whom start their path to the Zenith manufactory at 16. The most promising youngsters are selected and start their education under the guidance of seasoned masters, who guide them from the simplest of tasks to true mastery of the craft. Yet, what does it take to become a Zenith watchmaker? Above all the watchmaking House values imaginative audacity, ability to create entirely new movement elements and the tools for their production, and naturally, the skills of producing and assembling Zenith’s iconic models.

Forty years after its release Zenith’s legendary El Primero, the most precise in the world, is still considered the movement of reference in watchmaking schools around the world. Over the years, Zenith has actively promoted exchanges with educational institutions. The House supplied the movements used in the training of the new generation of watchmakers, welcomed student visits and promoted knowledge about more than 80 watchmaking-related professions existing at the House.

Carvers, setters, enamel masters… For long years Zenith has been also supporting independent local craftsmen and honoring their extraordinary talents. A global approach that proves Zenith’s devotion to the art of Swiss watchmaking.